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Let's play a game of catch...up!

Y’all, October has flown by. I know I start that way, but it’s true! The year is nearly over, and I feel like a chicken (or tiny bird) running around with my head cut off. I haven’t posted in a while. Too long. I miss you. I just get overwhelmed and feel like I don’t have anything to say or I have too much to say, so I just keep quiet. I feel like I can't keep up reading or writing blogs. I get overwhelmed by all the GOOD networking happening online. Here's me telling you - I may not see every thing you ever post, but I'm watching/reading/receptive/thankful and so on. A month ago, I got to meet three new blogger friends in real life! (They aren’t new bloggers…just new in-person friends!) We’re trying to really launch Mississippi Women Bloggers , but it seems like ladies aren’t sure about it. We spent a few hours eating a delicious brunch and brainstorming ideas. I’m hopeful to see this platform reach its potential!

Currently {October} Link-Up!

October is here! I'm so happy for the real feel of autumn to arrive (and hopefully stay).  I'm eager for this month and the new start it brings. I'm hoping to blog more consistently, but I'm giving myself grace - not an excuse not to blog, but an understanding that when I don't, it's ok.  This time last year, I joined with thousands of others for the Nester's 31 days of blogging. This year, I just couldn't bring myself to commit.  I also want to blog my October goals a la The Tiny Twig, but we'll wait and see if I prioritize that!  :) I am linking up now with Jenna (www.  and Anne ( to tell you what's going on currently in my life! I woke up smelling the taco soup I made in the Crockpot. I never cook. I especially never cook overnight. It's just...I couldn't stand the thought of a Lean Cuisine this week. Hahahha. I need something hearty and warm.  I'm currently loving....FALL! Being able to br