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2013 MTV Video Music Awards (pre-blog)

The past couple of years, I've really struggled with the VMAs. I always want to watch and not to miss things, but I don't want to watch because of things I know I'll see.  Tuesday, driving to work, I was deciding that I wasn't going to watch at all. I used to love Miley and Gaga, but now they make me sad. I'm just over it. Until....I started hearing murmurs of an NSYNC reunion. (Also, why did I just put "an" in front of NSYNC?) Anyway. Now I'm planning to watch. I'm excited, even though I know I'll see things I won't like or approve of. I'm still growing up, finding the right path. So there's that.  Plus, I can't wait to see red carpet outfits! Love your sometimes morally/culturally confused magnolia, Jessica What do you think of the VMAs line-up? Tweet me @jesstinybird & share!


I'm still here! I'm planning some changes for the blog and working through those ideas, but I wanted to pop in and say hello! On August 11, Jordan and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary! Y'all, being married to my bff is FUN. We've heard that the first year can be hard, but we feel like it was pretty spectacular. Money woes, sure, but the rest was good. It's fun to be a part of a team! So, watching terrible tv shows together has randomly become a hobby of ours. Ink Master or Cougar Wives, anyone? Hahahaha.  Loving our tiny city and the end of summer. In all actuality, summer in Mississippi does whatever it wants. It may be here until Halloween. I love summer, but the older I get, the more I crave fall.  Hoping to brainstorm and accomplish fun blog things soon! Thanks for being patient. And reading this. (If anyone is out there....) Happy Friday, Love, Jessica Tweet/pin/Instagram with me - @jesstinybird