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Social Media Free Weekends, Take 1

I love when I feel challenged by an online friend to stop obsessing over something I feel like I can't breathe without. (Except not. I mean, who likes acknowledging something they do more than they should?) Social networks are my addiction. (Along with my tv schedule, I admit.) I always joke that I'm more exciting on the Internet. But seriously. I remember loving AOL as soon as we had it, dial-up and all! Then, in 2004, I found MySpace. Just thinking about it puts hearts in my eyes! Since then, I've joined nearly every major social network. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. You get the picture. Once I got a smartphone, I've been practically inseparable from my online life (see picture of my phone screen below). Until now. Literally today. I saw Lara Casey's status about looking forward to another social media free weekend. (the thought could send me into meltdown mode.) I read blogs that she had posted and thought, "If not now, when? I have to try." So

Lunch hour wish list...

Y'all, I love going to Walgreens. They have everything. Makeup, nail polish, candy, magazines, etc.... Today, I snapped pictures of some polishes I hope to try! Enjoy! Love, Jessica