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#31Days of HAPPY!

As much time as I spend digging through blogs, you'd think that I'd heard about #31days before now. (It's a 31-day writing challenge over on - check it out! Hurry!) I was reading one of Jessi's pre-Influence Conference posts (, and that's where I was introduced to this challenge! P.S. Jessi's posts are going to be amazing. Know how I know? Because they always are. That woman speaks to me.  So the official link-up starts tonight. I almost didn't even decide to do it. It seems like a lot. It seems like it will require a lot that I don't have together or haven't thought out. But like most things, I was complicating it/making an excuse for myself.  So.....I'm writing for the next 31 days about what makes me happy. It may be simple. It may be deep. I just need to write. We'll see what happens!  I literally have a list of things I was trying to cram into this idea. I wanted something brilliant and unique. In


If you know me (in real life or only online), it's quite possible that you've heard me talk about bloggers and/or the Influence Network.  Quick history: about this time last year, I started finding some Christian blogger ladies that I was inspired by/encouraged by/able to relate to. I specifically remember following Hayley ( and seeing her post about the Influence Conference. (That's how I remember it was about a year ago! Hahaha) Then, after the conference, I started reading the recap blogs of other ladies who attended the conference and had their lives and hearts rocked! I'm pretty sure I follow a ton of those ladies now! As much as I wish I was going to the conference this weekend, it just wasn't meant to be this year. Whether I didn't plan enough or try enough to save money or pray enough or because God just didn't have that for me this year, I'm still so excited for the ladies who are heading to Indiana this week! I know I will f

The anxiety super post...

Sigh. Y'all. I know that you may already know that I struggle with anxiety. I can't remember at the moment if I've blogged about it before or not. If you follow me on any social media platform, you may know. If you're new here, hi! I'm Jessica, and I wrestle with anxiety.  This is going to be long. Stick with me.  So, about three years ago, I was in the midst of the worst anxiety-ridden season of my life. I had panic attacks on the reg. I cried a lot. I lost weight. It was bad news bears. It sucked. I felt totally insane. I felt like I was dying. It wasn't my favorite. At all. I cried at work. I got to events I couldn't wait to be at and then basically suffered through them as I panicked - namely a Justin Bieber concert and a Harry Potter movie.  I had other close friends who had struggled with anxiety, but they know how to manage it/appear to be over it. It gave me hope that my anxiety would leave me as quickly as it came on. But, as my loving husband remin

Worry or worship?

Y'all, let's talk in an honest way. I worry. Easily. Over things that turn out to be silly. Often. It's my human nature. (Good thing there's grace.) The thing is, I feel like I trust God to provide and help other people out of rough times, but when it comes down to me and my own life, I worry instead.  I know. It's so backwards. So not how God works. I'm prone to panic. To feel faint. To text all my friends to pray, like God will hear them but not me. The truth is, He hears me. I make the entire trust-God-to-help situations so much harder and human than they have to be/actually are. He doesn't want me to suffer and worry and doubt. He just wants me to trust and let Him work it all out.  I'm trying. I want to trust Him. Easily. Often.  Hope you're enjoying Thursday, Jessica @jesstinybird

13. Thirteen. She's 13!

When I was 14, my mom and step-dad had a baby. I thought it was the bitter end of my only-child status. I was (crazy) emotional. (Hello, I was 14!) I didn't know how my life and heart were going to change. I couldn't have anticipated it.  I remember at least being excited that the baby was going to be a girl. (thank God!) I also remember the morning we left the house for the hospital. It was a Thursday, and I was missing school. It was still dark outside.  On September 7, 2000, Nicole was born, and I became a big sister.  I was still a teenager, so I'm sure I said and thought dramatic things, but I have loved her from the second that we met. It was in an elevator, with my step-dad and a nurse. The first thing I noticed and noted was that she looked exactly like my mom. (Well, that and she had long fingernails!!!) I wish we could remember our first thoughts as a baby. I would love to know her first impression of me!                    (first birthday party)                (s