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Adios, 35. Hola, 36!

  35 has been a sweet year of life to me. For whatever reason, this month is the least it has ever felt like my birthday month. Life is a tricky adventure to navigate. Feelings and hormones and stresses and expectations all affect me, and it's hilariously simple when I exhale and realize which of those are causing me to feel or react a certain way. Today felt good. It feels like my birthday eve. Thanks to my sweet bffs who make sure I feel seen and celebrated. (Especially thanks to them for putting up with all my loud sighs and tantrums and breakdowns throughout the months and years that pass!) Getting older is...happening faster than I thought it would. Time is surely flying, whether it always feels fun or not! I'm as nostalgic as they come, so while it feels like I should be turning 18 or 19 again, I'll be 36 in on the 18th. WOW. To think I've lived 18 years twice!! (And I thought 35 felt "old"...) I still look around and have so much hope and so many dreams