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28: my new year and my resolutions

I always count my birthday as my second Happy New Year! It's just another chance to revamp and start again, a chance to make some changes here and there! Today, I turn 28. Here are my goals for the next year: 1.  Less complaining/more action - it's time to do something about the things that plague me. Whether it's not fitting in my old clothes or wanting to do something nobody else wants to do - it's time to act! 2.  Be purposeful with my apologizing. I tend to say "sorry" for this, that, and the other - so much so that Jordan tells me to quit apologizing. I was thinking/realizing about how when I apologize from now on (unless I just bump into a stranger), I want to be more direct in my apologies. "I'm sorry I said something disrespectful." is a lot more meaningful than "sorry." 3. Keep being myself. This is self-explanatory.  4. Try to blog more regularly. And wear my hair down/straight. These just take action over laziness. See resolu

Outfit post! (Say what?!)

I always wrestle with what kind of blogger I am. Lifestyle? Maybe since I just blog about all the random things in my life. Beauty? Maybe since I've mentioned products I like about twice. Fashion? Well, I wish, but I'm usually wearing a tshirt.  Today, my husband said, "this outfit is good. You should do an outfit post." So we marched into the backyard, and this was born!  Dress and sandals from Target - years ago.  Scarf and earrings were a birthday gift from my co-worked, Mona.  Bangle set was a birthday gift from my heart, Laura M! Watch is Betsey Johnson and was a Christmas gift from Jordan many moons ago! Other bracelet was a birthday gift from Paige! Happy weekend, y'all! Love, Jessica

hopes and plans

I'm finding myself being drawn to link-ups more and more often (in case you haven't noticed)! I think it's just another way to create and participate in online community, and I love that. Today, I'm linking up with Amanda over at Marry-Mint ! (As luck would have it, I participated in a link-up last week that I just stumbled across, and this is another case of that. Yay for new friends!)   This particular link-up is all about hopes and plans. (See the graphic? Yep.) Hmm, where should I even begin? I'm such a dreamer, y'all. Let's see here...I'll start this week with a couple of basic things. Jordan graduated on Saturday, so I'm hoping for the perfect full-time job for my hardworking husband! We are trusting in God's promise of a plan for us during this time, and we are eager to see what He has in store for us. I'm planning birthday weekend! Work lunch and off early on Friday! Dinner on Friday with the sweetest frie

tgif. tgif. tgif.

What can I say? I just really enjoy linking up with Leslie ! (She's about to celebrate her first mother's day! Visit her blog to ohh and ahh over the prettiest little babe in Arkansas!)   I confess that though I have more nail polish choices than anyone could ever need, I am always enamored with the newest shades! Oh, and if anyone needs a gift idea for my birthday (that's in nine days!!!!), you can find these Essie colors at Walgreens. ;) I confess that I am SO proud of my (handsome, sweet, smart, kind, selfless) husband as he gets his undergrad degree in English this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Through major changes (history, education, english) and major changes (from being my boyfriend to my husband), this stud never quit. Jordan Thornton, you make me so proud. I also confess that our backyard is my favorite picture spot. I confess that I never get tired of people tweeting me back. Also, I think Snooki is a good momma. People just


I stumbled on a link-up, and it felt like just the thing to do! Cooking : Let’s be real…I want to be better at cooking. Not that I’m bad, exactly, I just don’t even try! Everything just requires so many ingredients…However, I am eager to try this recipe on my own! Carrie made it for small group this past Sunday, and it was awesome. Reading : I have started and not finished so many books in the past year. Seriously. I should be ashamed. I just started I Am Malala last night, but it’s due back to the library tomorrow. Now I’m in the limbo where I decided whether I actually want to read it right now or not! I’m not much of a non-fiction reader, unless it’s a celeb’s auto-biography, but I’m trying to branch out. (Let’s be friends on Goodreads !)   Wearing : An old black dress, a green cardigan, and sandals from Target several summers ago. And a bunny necklace – I got the chain and charm from Hobby Lobby a year or two ago and fashioned them togethe

Confessional Friday.

  It's been a (long) while since I've linked up with Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition , so today seemed like the perfect day. Alas, these are my confessions: 1.  I confess that I absolutely LOVE our new office location. I didn't think I would since I'm a change-hater. Plus, elevators are necessary. So is a parking garage. (Going to this from a two-story, ground-level parking lot kinda rocked me.) However, it is SO worth it! This is my view. I finally feel like I work downtown! YAY! 2.  I confess that I adore being in walking distance of restaurants. I know I'm a city mouse, so I totally appreciate this area and the scenery/feel it has to offer. Plus, in Mississippi, this great weather is short-lived and will soon be replaced with stifling hot summer (which I LOVE!), so I'm enjoying getting out and about on my lunch break. 3.  I confess that this month marks TEN years since I graduated from high school. I can't believe it. Th