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Real talk.

Y'all. What a week! I spent two days home sick on the couch with a sore throat and fever.  Last night, I went to a huge high school football game and sat out in the heat talking with friends. Today I have no voice above a whisper. No exaggeration. (I've never been this quiet in my life!!!!) (Obsessed with panoramic shots lately!) We have a sink full of dirty dishes that need washing and a living room full of clean laundry that needs to be put away.  I didn't even read while I was home sick!! I only watched Netflix. For two days.  Here is the current state of my remaining nail polish (from when I last painted them on 8/10): I really try to never let them get so ragged!!!! Alas, fixing my phalanges is on my Friday night to do list. ;) But that's real life. That's where I am today. And it's ok.  How are you? Deep down. Really.  It's so easy to get bogged down under the meant-to(s) and need-to(s). Let's face it. We can't do it all. Not all the things all

A New Outlook [Firmoo Review #2]

  As you may recall, Firmoo sent me some glasses once before . When they reached out to me to try another pair, I jumped at the chance! As soon as I started browsing and saw these frames, I knew they were the ones!  I love love love the burgundy color! They were also available in tortoise shell , but the glasses I currently wear are already that pattern/color. Really, the only issue for me (again) is that I'm not sure if I did my  PD number correctly. The customer service is helpful, and the glasses arrive within weeks after shipping.  These two pair are my favorites, so if I ordered more, I would definitely choose either of these ! Firmoo has so many options! Be sure to check them out on their website ! Y'all are the best, Jessica @jesstinybird

My #IDoVoxBox from Influenster!

I signed up for Influenster several months ago. Why? I'm super active on social media, I love trying new products, and I always have an opinion! It seemed like a perfect pairing to me. The #IDoVoxBox was my second box to get. I found so many new favorites inside!! (You can read all about my first box here .) I received it just in time to assist a wedding photographer on a wedding! There was so much in my box that I haven't had the chance to use it all yet! My favorites so far were/are the Covergirl Stay Luminous Foundation and Outlast Longwear Lipstick, the Sahale Snacks cashews, and the nanoblur by Indeed! The foundation offers wonderful coverage but is light enough that I don't feel like my entire face is melting off in the Mississippi heat! I'll definitely use it again. I would buy the lipstick again because I adore a red lip (#classic), and I really like that it stays on for hours! The nanoblur makes my pores seemingly vanish, and I lov