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My Most Influential Self

Did you know that I recently attended the Influence Conference in Nashville? It was my first time attending after wanting to for YEARS , and it was the last conference. The timing was certainly perfect for me, and I feel like I saw and heard exactly what I was supposed to see and hear. On the morning of January 14, I walked into a gorgeous church in Nashville. I was eager to meet more faces that I'd only known online. (I got to meet several at an Influence Network member's only event the previous night!) I was expectant and hopeful to hear something that rang true from each of the incredible teachers.  Obviously, I heard more than I could even jot down in my notebook.  Jess Connolly was the first speaker, and her words rocked my world. It has been weeks, and I am still thinking of them daily. (Partially because I knew I needed to write this post and wasn't making the time to do it. Tonight seems like the right time.) Jess described a retreat she had at