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JB, JC, and JN.

If there are three people I love, they're Justin Bieber, Jesus, and Jami Nato. (And let's be honest. There are hundreds more. For the sake of this blog post, however, these three are the main focus!) You've heard (ahem, read) me talk about Jami before ( HERE  and HERE , too) - about how the way she hears the gospel in the everyday, secular (not inherently meant to be gospel) songs speaks to me because I hear it too. Well, it's happened again.  I love Justin Bieber and have since day one. (Day one = the first time I saw him in black and white singing during the credits of an MTV show.) I've been a fan through the good and bad. I'm loyal if nothing else. Anyway. I got my little mitts on Purpose this past Saturday. My favorite song on the album is called The Feeling and features Halsey.  Sunday, the message at church was about God's love for us. His unconditional, never wavering, solid, set-in-stone love. It's one of those things that is