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I'm still here!

I haven't posted anything here in FIVE  MONTHS. That's insane. Can we think back to when this blog started five years ago, and I wanted to become an actual, legit blogger? In my heart, I still do. It's just hard to live up to the expectations I have for myself. I've had a note saved in my phone for months. I had planned to post around my birthday in May. You know, the one where I turned 31? Thirty-one. Holy mackerel. Time is flying by. Years are going by as fast as weekends do. I guess I could share some of that note now. (There's no time like the present.) I want to be a good daughter, Christian, wife, sister, friend, blogger, and employee.  But what I mean by "good" is perfect... And I want to write meaningful fiction and live in a gorgeous house. I want to only have one chin but still eat ALL the donuts. I wish I used my time to keep a clean house always. I want to have a successful line of Disney shirts or a well-known YouTube chan