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Why I Blog (Link-Up!)

One of my favorite bloggers, Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition , is hosting a super fun link up today! Why do I blog? Hmm. Let me count the ways (whys)! I've always loved writing. And sharing my opinions. Hahaha. I had an AOL Journal page. Then a Xanga, though briefly. Then MySpace, where I blogged and blogged! Then there was My Beautiful Perspective . Last spring, I was just certain it was time for something more - a blog with a wider spectrum and reach. I was talking/brainstorming with Katelyn and Karson , and Meet the Magnolias was born! (It's almost our blog birthday!) Meet the Magnolias and my blog reading have led me to find a wonderful community and several new friends! So, I blog because I feel like I have something to say. (That doesn't sound quite as eloquent as I hoped it would!) And I blog because it has connected me to people to learn from and grow with! Thankful! Love, Jessica Lets be friends! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram at @jessti

Favorites with My Favorites: Blonde Edition

If you've been following along with Meet the Magnolias for a while, you've seen some of the Favorites with My Favorites posts! I've gotten to email and talk with some of my favorite ladies about their favorite things. You may remember my post with Neill from Most Eligible Dallas or Gretchen from the Real Housewives of Orange County! If you know me in real life or if you've noticed online, I love being a blonde! It's natural, but I'm tempted to go lighter and lighter. (When I look at pictures for haircuts, 99% of the time I look at people who are blonde! Maybe it's easier to picture what a particular style may look like on me. Maybe it's obsession with the yellow glow!) Anyway, for whatever reason, my fascination with being blonde carries over into my obsession and adoration for some of my favorite bloggers. (I honestly want to relate to everyone. It just seems like I'm drawn to people with the brightest blonde hair first! Instant connection


I haven't done well keeping up with the She Reads Truth reading plan about prayer. As in, I only completed two days of the 21 day program. Also, I totally needed it. I still need it. I want to become better at knowing how to pray, but I can't do that on my own. I'm taking part in the Overcome the Lie 40 Day Challenge. At least I'm signed up and read the emails every day. Ashley and the OTL team impact my heart and teach me so much. I'm teamed up with a partner. We've emailed a couple of times and added each other on social networks. I'm just not putting forth the effort that I wish I was. I wish I had more time to spend connecting with ladies on the Influence Network. I feel like with these things (and many other things in life), I haven't started out perfectly or kept with my plan and timeline, so I get discouraged and give up. What a waste! I know it's silly to get down about things like this, but seriously. I'm ready (I hope) to hear fro

But seriously.

If you follow me on instagram, you may remember when I was trying to be healthy. Like last week. I've had fast food three times this week. Tomorrow afternoon, I leave for a bachelorette trip to the beach. I'm totally embracing the cellulite. I'm tired of worrying if I look amazing in a swimsuit. I'm tired of being sad over every dimple and wiggle. (And yes, I know I'm still thin. I just miss my abs and my younger body! Hahaha.) I want to be in better shape, but until I actually exercise, I can't gripe any more. Plus, I'm almost tired of hearing myself complain! It reminds me of the scene in Mean Girls (of course!) when the girls critique their bodies in Regina's mirror after school. "My nail beds suck." Rock your body this weekend. You are beautiful. YOU. Reading this. Seriously. Embrace it. Love it. Let's get healthier together. Love, Jessica

Please be pleased.

I am certainly a people pleaser to an extent. I've been thinking about this so much the last few days. I want (crave) for people to be happy with me and to relate to me. I desire relationships to form out of common goals and focuses and bonds. I wanted to go social media free on the weekends because I adore Lara Casey . I wanted to go sugar free a la cold turkey because I love Jami Nato . I wanted them to be happy with me. And proud of me. And friends with me. But I was doing these things all for me. I didn't have a conviction to drop all sweets and tweets. I just wanted to jump on the bandwagon with people who inspire me. I know what it's like to get totally fired up about something (ahem, The Cove). I want people I care about to buy into it with me. To fight for it with me. To feel it how I do. Of course I want to be behind the things that those amazing, God-fearing women are doing. I think what they are doing is valid. They are good things to focus on

Confessional Friday!

I have wanted to do a Confessional Friday post to link up with Leslie for a while no w! Finally, I'm just doing it ! ------------------------ I conf ess that I'm beyond obsessed with my dachshund, Peanut. S ee picture below. Even though he doesn't live with Jordan and I, he still makes my heart skip a beat every sin gle time I see him. (That almost sounds dangerous!) I confess that our engagement pictures are still some of my favorite pictures of us ever. Obsessed. I confess that I REALLY wish I could open a Steak n Shake franchise in Jackson. I'm also equally glad that I can't, as I would eat there for every meal - which could be hazardous to my health. I confess that Katelyn is one of my favorite people ever. The picture below is from my bachelorette dinner - I don't actually think I'm a princess. Well, not all of the time.   ;) I confess that all these pictures are off my phone. The one below is from our wedding rehearsal. It's

What's in my purse! (Link-up!)

I love a good link-up! When I saw this particular one, I knew I would have to participate. Here's what's in my bag, minus more lip products that I am embarrassed to showcase due to the insane quantity. ;) Disney themed keys. Tiny golden card holder/wallet. Manicure kit. March journal that I need to switch to April. Orbit gum. A limited edition VS lotion that rocks my world. Sharpie pens in an array of colors. So. Many. Lipsticks.