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Goodbye 33, Hello 34!

I LOVE my birthday. Since I was in my early twenties (maybe even before), I've celebrated my birth month! (One day is simply not enough!) I've even started to think about my birthday was my own personal New Year's Day. That makes tonight my New Year's Eve! (My eyes are closed in the right one, but I worked hard on my eyeshadow, so I'm posting it anyway!) I usually plan a dinner or a movie date with as many friends as I can wrangle. Sometimes both. This year looks very different, but it's still been a sweet weekend. Jordan has been humoring me with marathoning some of my favorite movies with me. (We watched Everything Everything and Blue Crush yesterday. Today, it was Clueless and Halloweentown.) Tonight, we had tacos and funfetti cupcakes with my family. It's been the sweetest weekend. 33 flew by. I'm noticing that the higher the number, the faster the years go. I'm excited about 34. I'm not excited that I'm getting farther and