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But God...

How many times have you been having a conversation with me and wished that I would just lean into the Lord and rest rather than complaining? Sigh. I know. I want that for me, too. I even want it for you. Jealousy makes me tired. Comparison dulls my shine. Competing with people on the internet accomplishes nothing. Nada. Zilch. ( This piece on discontentment really resonated.) The thing about comparison is that it doesn’t just leave it’s victims feeling insecure and unworthy, it lets fear, shame, and a whole lotta anxiety have one massive party in our hearts and minds. Which I know we’d all agree, isn’t cool and definitely isn’t God’s best for us. // new blog about my journey of overcoming comparison is on my blog, I hope it speaks life & gives you power to give comparison the boot! Shortened link on my profile - A photo posted by susanna april (@susannaapril) on Oct 7, 2015 at 12:33am PDT I know I talk a lot about money. And about the


It's August, which means it's still sweltering heat in Mississippi, but it's also back to school season! That means families, stores, and football fans are gearing up for fall! Summer has always been my favorite, but I believe that statement was truer when days were slower and I spent a lot of time in a pool. I've been swimming twice this summer, and the season has been rather intense. I've been so drawn to fall the past few years, and I'm more ready this year than ever before!  I thought I would pop in and share some snapshots from my summer since I meant to be blogging all along and didn't! Whoops. #TimeFliesWhenYoureBusy #OrWatchingNetflix (Speaking of...have you watched Stranger Things yet?!) Love you! Love, Jessica @jesstinybird