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Know Your Worth Wednesday

I've tossed this idea around for a while. I have had one person on my mind/heart. Today's her birthday, so I can't put it off any longer. Welcome to KNOW YOUR WORTH WEDNESDAY! Y'all, as a teenager and into my early twenties, I loved Rihanna. Like LOVED her. Now, while I still enjoy her past work, I find myself just concerned for her. I can't keep buying her music or following her on social media when what she represents is the opposite of what I find to be true and good. I'm not blaming anyone. I'm not telling her on my tiny blog what I think she should or shouldn't do. I just miss her. It's like when a friendship ends or transitions and two friends grow apart. (Not that we were friends, but we could have been!) Ri, I know you sang that once a good girl goes bad, she's gone forever, but c'mon. We miss you. (I say "we" by assuming I'm not the only one!) I miss when you sang songs that were happy or heavy, but not overtl

Super Bowl.

Y'all, it's February. Already! How does time fly so quickly?! I thought I'd wish you happy February, happy weekend, and happy Super Bowl! I'll be cheering for the Ravens on Sunday! Let me tell you about my pick to win the Super Bowl. 1. Stacy Keibler got her start as a Raven's cheerleader. 2. Have you seen the Blind Side?! Michael Oher plays for them. Plus, I love Sandra Bullock. She may even be there on Sunday! 3. I like their team colors and uniforms. There you have it. I'm so into football. Can't you tell?! ;) Enjoy your weekend - the snacks, friends/families, football, commercials, etc. I'll be posting again on Monday. Love, Jessica