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Favorites with My Favorites: Blonde Edition - Laura from the Band Wife

Y'all, when I first saw Laura's blog in February, I was immediately obsessed. (I know I use the word "obsessed" a lot, but I mean it. Blonde . Blogger . LOVE .) Not only is she over-the-top-gorgeous, she really has her own voice and super fun style! She has outfit posts, diys, and an adorable cat. And she happens to be married to a man (Todd) in the little band MuteMath. You totally want in on this! I LOVE following along - you should too! Run, don't walk - The Band Wife ! Laura was nice enough to let me in on some of her favorite things! Enjoy! 1. Who is your favorite artist/musician/band? Well, of course I love MuteMath (my husband Todd is the lead guitarist), but I have a pretty wide taste in music overall. Anything that's not country, regge, or gangsta rap generally makes this list. I love everything from Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald, to Phoenix, to Michael Jackson, to AC/DC and Queen. Katy Perry is my pop guilty pleasure though...


I still feel like I'm somewhere between 17 and 21. Apparently time has flown by these past TEN years.  Today, I'm 27 years old.  I want this to be an amazing year. (Basically I celebrate New Year's Day in January and again on my birthday.) Here's to a new year.  I have so many wishes and dreams and goals.  I want to be better at following through with things and finishing things. I want to forgive myself more easily. So, here's to 27! Maybe it will be my best year yet.  Love, Jessica