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Let's start a rEvolution.

I haven't written here since March. It's been a long time...and a long time coming. What better day than this? When the WWE has the FIRST EVER ALL WOMEN'S PPV? When I have #allthefeels? Despite having not written in months (and months), a blog post I wrote two years ago has been on my mind so much lately. This blog post about how I feel about pro wrestling has been popping into my thoughts. Today seemed like the perfect day to revisit it and delve a little deeper. I do hope you'll read that blog post before continuing with this one, but I'm sure I can be a bit repetitive if you don't.  :) I still remember the first time I saw WCW Monday Nitro. I was about 11 years old. It was only a few weeks later, as my obsession took root, that I would decide that I had to be a WCW Nitro Girl! What was a Nitro Girl? They were like the cheerleaders of the wrestling world. They came out during breaks and performed dance routines.  On two occasions, my parents took me