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2014: Girl, bye.

Holy cow, y'all. We're at the end of another year. I don't know about you, but 2014 was kind of a tough one.  I'm eager for 2015! For 2014, my word of the year was hope. For 2015, my word is purpose. I want to live to the fullest. I want anxiety to be on the very back burner of the broken stove in another kitchen. I just want to love life and help other people love their lives, too.  Here's to a brand new year. New goals. New chances and opportunities. God has a plan, and I want to be intentional on listening to and for His voice.  Sure, 2014 had some memorable moments that I'm grateful for. I just feel so positive going into 2015. So I just have one thing to say to 2014:  girl, bye! Love, Jessica @jesstinybird

Favorites with my Favorites: LARA CASEY!

(RELEASE DATE:  December 30! Pre-order HERE !) I feel honored to be able to write this blog post, y'all. Seriously. If you've been a reader (or just a sweet friend) for any time at all, you know I love getting to know people based on their favorite things. I especially enjoy sharing my favorite people and their favorite things with you here. Hang in here with me...this one may be a lengthy one! Several years ago, I stumbled across THE most gorgeous wedding magazine I had ever seen. That was Southern Weddings , Volume III. I'm a magazing junkie, and I'm here to tell you that SW is my favorite publication! I love the quality of the product and the excitement that comes with only getting it once a year. Mainly, though, I love the heart behind it - which is why after being married for two years, I still count down to the release of this beautiful magazine. (They just released Volume VII! Get it or past issues here !) (My collection! I'm only missing


'Tis the season, y'all. I realize that the Christmas season always has each one of us kick it into high gear. We rush and fuss and stress and laugh and love and wrap and give and share and rest. However, it's a special time to remember what our lives and this season is all about.  I just wanted to share a few Advent devotions and studies available. I'll be doing some of them now and others I hope to do in coming years.  Also, I should have posted this sooner. Like yesterday. I know. Just start here and catch up! The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp . I started this last year and didn't stick with it. Trying again. You can purchase the book here . SheReadsTruth reading plan! Get it in the app or join for free at ! Join in with Heather Boersma in the Facebook group for this study! Purchase the ebook , join the group, and enjoy daily videos to accompany the study! Besides the three listed above that I'm trying to