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Morning epiphany.

 I'm still here, after all these years, writing words that I hope someone sees and resonates with. This morning, I was getting ready for church. I had an epiphany. (That's usually when they happen for me. When I'm getting ready or on my morning commute.) I've been in a season of feeling distant from the Lord, but about two weeks ago, I felt like I was having a breakthrough. There have been good moments, and I've had a couple of realizations - both about my feelings and about my walk with the Lord. However, this past week or a little longer, I've been pretty down. Just when I thought I was breaking through, my mood went down into the muck and mire. (My period also didn't help with my feelings. You're welcome. I'm just sure you were wondering.) Ok, but back to this morning and the epiphany. I'm getting ready for church, and it's like a lightbulb goes off. (I've explained before, maybe here but definitely IRL, that when I have a lightbulb mo