Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Currently {September} Link-Up

I love participating in the Currently link-up that Jenna and Anne do every month. As I mentioned, I love lists, so this is just another outlet for that! (It's the first Wednesday of every month, and we would love for you to join us!!)

I'm currently writing: blog posts upon blog posts and text messages! Y'all, I love to text. I love having constant communication - whether it be text, email, or social media. I'm working on some blog drafts, so here's hoping the writing bug sticks with me! (After reading some other ladies' posts, I'm reminded that I used to love writing in a journal. I need to get back to that!)

I'm also hopeful that the change in seasons will get my creative juices flowing so I can work on a couple of pieces of fiction, too!

I'm currently anticipating: the weekend! Yes, I know it's a short work week, but for some reason, they can seem longer than the usual weeks do. Also, my sister turns 14 this weekend, so I'm eager to celebrate her! In case you missed it last year, I totally adore her.

I'm currently missing: the days of living in the dorm with my best girls! Every time fall rolls around, I miss it all over again! We had some good times. I remember hearing that those were the best days of our lives...and of course, I didn't believe it. Trust me, though, those were the days!!  :)

I'm currently wearing: a pink dress! It's Wednesday, so naturally I'm wearing pink. :) And black. Fall is here, so I'm wearing even more black than usual.

I'm currently craving: Mexican food - ALWAYS! I'm pretty sure I could eat it five or more times a week! If you need a lunch or dinner date or want to invite me over for taco night, don't wait! I'll eagerly accept!

Hope you have an amazing Wednesday!

P.S. Check out my favorite apps of the moment!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Liebster Award

Sweet McKenzie from Life in the Sunshine nominated me for a Liebster Award. Until she told me, I hadn't heard of this super fun networking project! Check out her post here.

Basically, the Liebster Award is a way to expand the reach of tiny blogs by sharing them with readers. Here are the rules, copied from McKenzie's post:

1. Post 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer 11 questions provided by the person who nominated you.
3. Create 11 questions to ask your nominees.
4. Let your nominees know they have been tagged, no tag backs.
5. Make sure the blogs you nominate are under 200 followers; the goal is to promote small blogs you love or what to get to know.
 My 11 facts:
1. I love bright colors, but I also love black. Lots of both.
2. I'm a natural blonde and only started dying it blonde-r last year!
3. I wish I could go to Disney World every single day. I'd never get tired of it.
4. We got rid of our cable in December, and I'm still not-so-secretly mourning all the housewives I've missed.
5. I love making lists and filling out things like this. It's probably one of the reasons I miss MySpace most. And yes, I still log in to mine.
6. It's easy (too easy) for me to be LAZY. I'm trying to limit the laziness (I don't always succeed) because I believe God has a big plan for me.
7. I can't get enough of tv on dvd.
8. The older I get, the more I like fall. I'll never stop hoping for and loving summer, though. I just won't let myself.
9. I'm so sad I didn't get to go to the beach this summer. Or last. You get the drift. I need some sun and sand and ocean time.
10. It's easy for me to fall into the trap of complaining. Trying to work against that.
11. I love making friends. A lot. Real, true community is the

The 11 questions for me from McKenzie:
1. Where were you born? Jackson, MS.
2. What is the furthest you have been from home? Hawaii!
3. If you could go anywhere on a vacation, where would it be? DISNEY. Always. (Or LA or NYC.)
4. Favorite childhood memory? Not one specifically - but all the playtime I had with Paige!
5. What is your favorite dessert? This is hard. I like it all. Cheesecake? Blackberry cobbler? Yes. Yes. Yes.
6. Do you prefer cooking, dine-in, or take-out? I love eating at restaurants. And fast food. I need to love to cook. For my health and my budget.
7. What is your favorite song currently? Stay With Me by Sam Smith.
8. What is your favorite color? Blue, pink, yellow, black, red, purple, and green. EEEK!
9. Do you think your zodiac sign fits your personality? I don't put a lot of care in to it, but I suppose some of the characteristics are fitting.
10. Any item(s) of jewelry you consistently wear? My wedding set and my watch.
11. The most important question: Vanilla, Chocolate, or Strawberry? Chocolate.

My questions for YOU, my little nominees:
1. When's your birthday?
2. What's one thing you hope to do before 2014 is over?
3. What's your favorite meal?
4. What movie do you want to watch right now?
5. Paint or wallpaper?
6. What's the easiest dish you make constantly?
7. Have you ever been to Disney World?
8. What's your favorite season?
9. What's your preferred warm beverage?
10. What song do you want to dance to right this second?
11. What's your favorite outfit?

My very own nominees:
P.S. I realize this seems more like a chain letter than an award, but it's a fun way to spread our blogs around and get to know new friends in the blogosphere! :)
YOU are so loved.

Monday, September 1, 2014

My favorite apps at the moment

I thought I'd share some of my favorite apps (as of late) with y'all. You know, in case you need another way to spend your spare time!

I'm sure you've heard of most of these, but I want to share them just in case. I troll the app store for new ones to try all the time. Photo apps are my favorite, so all of these fit in that category. If it's an app dealing with pictures AND ties into social media, I'm. So. There. Here are five of my favorites in the event you want to try them out!!

Timehop is the perfect app for my super nostalgia. Everyday, the app sends me a notification that my Timehop is ready! It's a daily stroll down memory lane!!!!! I do wish that MySpace was an included social network to pull from since I was a loyalist for five years before joining Facebook. It's available on iTunes and on Google Play!

Also, I wish they offered a calendar feature. I tweeted about it here. Retweet it, and let them know what we need!!!

I'm OBSESSED with Emma and Elsie of A Beautiful Mess, so when they said they were releasing an app, I waited (im)patiently. A Beautiful Mess is just SO MUCH FUN! You can edit your photos with filters and borders and phrases - oh my!! It's available for both iPhone and Andriod, so run, don't walk if you haven't started using ABM yet!

Party Party is the second app by the ladies of A Beautiful Mess! If you think still photos are fun, just wait. for. this. Make stop motion pictures AND gifs or use it to take photo strips! It's like your own personal, portable photo booth - you know that's my JAM! iPhone exclusive!

Stellar is an app I just happened to stumble across. This happens a lot. I download so many apps just to try them out and end up deleting them almost immediately. Not Stellar, though. It's AMAZE. Stellar allows you to create stories - basically picture books - to share on your phone. You can like and share stories and visit collections (categories of stories). It seems to only be available for iPhone as of now.  Here's my first story! Let's connect!!

Studio is one of my uber new faves. You can edit pictures and add a heap of borders, shapes, quotes - ALL OF WHICH ARE FREE in the app!!!! Find it here for iPhone and Android. Also, follow me. It's that kind of app.

Enjoy the rest of your Labor Day, lovies.


Friday, August 22, 2014

Confessional Friday: August 22

[I confess that this post started for another link-up earlier in the week, but I changed my mind and decided to save it for Friday...]

1.  I will always have a heart full of passion and love for pro-wrestling. My newest obsession is listening to podcasts and hearing stories from the glory days. I'm seriously planning and working on a series about what wrestling means to me.

2.  I confess that teen fiction and magazines will always be my favorite reading materials. Even when I'm 40. I'm sure of it. I need extra days in the weekend to devote strictly to reading.

3.  I confess that I'm guilty of severe people hoarding - also known as following any and every single person who I find inspiring on social media. (Except that I keep hitting the cap on Twitter and Instagram...) I'm easily inspired - what can I say?!

4.  I confess that I plan to adore Taylor Swift forever. Can't get enough of #ShakeItOff.

5. I confess that I'm uber excited that I'm less than 8 work hours from the weekend. No big plans (other than small group!!!!), but I'm happy about it. It has been a strangely productive work week for me (I'm easily distracted, y'all), and it feels good.  :)


Friday, August 15, 2014

Confessional Friday: August 15

1.  I confess that even though I've only worked W-F this week, I'm so glad it's almost the weekend. #TGIF

2.  I confess that I'm excited for a super chill night with some sweet girls watching Troop Beverly Hills tonight. 

3.  I confess that this week has been full of feelings. From watching the movie Lone Survivor on Sunday night to reading about Ferguson yesterday and today, my heart is heavier than normal. 

4,  I confess that Timehop is rocking my life. (A post coming soon on my favorite apps!)

5. I confess that I feel hope. Though I can't remember if I posted about it, hope is my word for 2014. This year has been a tough one, y'all, as J and I still try and figure out what adulthood looks like. Yesterday and today though, I just feel hope. God has a plan for me. For us. The future is bright. The best is yet to come. 

You are SO loved. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy 2nd wedding anniversary, babe!

Today marks our second wedding anniversary! I thought I'd write about some of what I've learned from Jordan over our past two years of being newlyweds. Truthfully, he has been teaching me stuff for nearly seven years (in December)!

1. Do what you want. He has taught me that people will always have opinions about what other people do, but that's all they are - opinions. When he tells me to do what I want, he obviously means within reason. As long as it doesn't hurt anything, go for it! You make you silly or even ridiculous, but yolo!   ;)

2. We can get through anything together. Whether it be anxiety, stress, changes - whatever comes our way, we'll make it through. God has blessed us immeasurably. He has a plan for us. We're hanging in there! Like I said last year, it's fun being part of a team. We're a dynamic duo, for sure. 

So, in case I haven't shared it here before, we have a special courtyard where we often celebrate. It's where we hung out as friends for the first time, where we got engaged, where we took engagement pictures, where we stopped to take a special wedding picture, and where we went on our first anniversary! Obviously we had to go by today in keeping with tradition!

I'm so thankful that Jordan and I are best friends and in love. This is a patient man to deal with my shenanigans day in and day out! So happy we get to go through life together!

P.S. Happy birthday, Hulk Hogan. 


Friday, August 8, 2014

Confessional Friday

TGIF, friends. As usual, I'm linking up with Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition.

1. I confess that for once, Facebook's creepy suggestion was RIGHT on. The new app NailMatch helps you find a nail polish to match any color you see! This app is basically a magic wand. You just take a tiny photo of any color you love, and it suggests polished to you in that color! The app is free, and it takes you straight to Amazon to purchase said polish! #Fetch

2. I confess that I get frustrated when I don't have pictures to post on my blog that haven't already been posted on my other social media channels. I'm trying to be more intentional about taking particular photos just for the blog. (I also confess that I never tire of selfies. Ever.)

3. I confess that I'm SO happy to have a four day weekend! Jordan and I celebrate our anniversary on Monday, so we're spending time together Monday and Tuesday!

4. I confess that I can't believe that my baby sister starts 8th grade on Monday.

5. I confess that these are the best almonds ever. Still one of my favorite office snacks. I'm still trying to work in all the coconut snacks before summer ends. (It's my favorite flavor, but I prefer it in the summer time!)

6. I confess that the most attractive people are those who do what they love no matter what anyone thinks. This includes what music they make, how they dress, and what they do for fun. Just be yourself!

How are you spending your weekend? Confess it here. :)