Friday, August 22, 2014

Confessional Friday: August 22

[I confess that this post started for another link-up earlier in the week, but I changed my mind and decided to save it for Friday...]

1.  I will always have a heart full of passion and love for pro-wrestling. My newest obsession is listening to podcasts and hearing stories from the glory days. I'm seriously planning and working on a series about what wrestling means to me.

2.  I confess that teen fiction and magazines will always be my favorite reading materials. Even when I'm 40. I'm sure of it. I need extra days in the weekend to devote strictly to reading.

3.  I confess that I'm guilty of severe people hoarding - also known as following any and every single person who I find inspiring on social media. (Except that I keep hitting the cap on Twitter and Instagram...) I'm easily inspired - what can I say?!

4.  I confess that I plan to adore Taylor Swift forever. Can't get enough of #ShakeItOff.

5. I confess that I'm uber excited that I'm less than 8 work hours from the weekend. No big plans (other than small group!!!!), but I'm happy about it. It has been a strangely productive work week for me (I'm easily distracted, y'all), and it feels good.  :)


Friday, August 15, 2014

Confessional Friday: August 15

1.  I confess that even though I've only worked W-F this week, I'm so glad it's almost the weekend. #TGIF

2.  I confess that I'm excited for a super chill night with some sweet girls watching Troop Beverly Hills tonight. 

3.  I confess that this week has been full of feelings. From watching the movie Lone Survivor on Sunday night to reading about Ferguson yesterday and today, my heart is heavier than normal. 

4,  I confess that Timehop is rocking my life. (A post coming soon on my favorite apps!)

5. I confess that I feel hope. Though I can't remember if I posted about it, hope is my word for 2014. This year has been a tough one, y'all, as J and I still try and figure out what adulthood looks like. Yesterday and today though, I just feel hope. God has a plan for me. For us. The future is bright. The best is yet to come. 

You are SO loved. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy 2nd wedding anniversary, babe!

Today marks our second wedding anniversary! I thought I'd write about some of what I've learned from Jordan over our past two years of being newlyweds. Truthfully, he has been teaching me stuff for nearly seven years (in December)!

1. Do what you want. He has taught me that people will always have opinions about what other people do, but that's all they are - opinions. When he tells me to do what I want, he obviously means within reason. As long as it doesn't hurt anything, go for it! You make you silly or even ridiculous, but yolo!   ;)

2. We can get through anything together. Whether it be anxiety, stress, changes - whatever comes our way, we'll make it through. God has blessed us immeasurably. He has a plan for us. We're hanging in there! Like I said last year, it's fun being part of a team. We're a dynamic duo, for sure. 

So, in case I haven't shared it here before, we have a special courtyard where we often celebrate. It's where we hung out as friends for the first time, where we got engaged, where we took engagement pictures, where we stopped to take a special wedding picture, and where we went on our first anniversary! Obviously we had to go by today in keeping with tradition!

I'm so thankful that Jordan and I are best friends and in love. This is a patient man to deal with my shenanigans day in and day out! So happy we get to go through life together!

P.S. Happy birthday, Hulk Hogan. 


Friday, August 8, 2014

Confessional Friday

TGIF, friends. As usual, I'm linking up with Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition.

1. I confess that for once, Facebook's creepy suggestion was RIGHT on. The new app NailMatch helps you find a nail polish to match any color you see! This app is basically a magic wand. You just take a tiny photo of any color you love, and it suggests polished to you in that color! The app is free, and it takes you straight to Amazon to purchase said polish! #Fetch

2. I confess that I get frustrated when I don't have pictures to post on my blog that haven't already been posted on my other social media channels. I'm trying to be more intentional about taking particular photos just for the blog. (I also confess that I never tire of selfies. Ever.)

3. I confess that I'm SO happy to have a four day weekend! Jordan and I celebrate our anniversary on Monday, so we're spending time together Monday and Tuesday!

4. I confess that I can't believe that my baby sister starts 8th grade on Monday.

5. I confess that these are the best almonds ever. Still one of my favorite office snacks. I'm still trying to work in all the coconut snacks before summer ends. (It's my favorite flavor, but I prefer it in the summer time!)

6. I confess that the most attractive people are those who do what they love no matter what anyone thinks. This includes what music they make, how they dress, and what they do for fun. Just be yourself!

How are you spending your weekend? Confess it here. :)


Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Elite Restaurant {Jackson, MS}

Last Wednesday, my family got to come downtown for lunch! I walked to the Elite, a famous Jackson restaurant, and enjoyed it very much!

Favorites with My Favorites: Alyssa Hertzig

I tried to go back in Twitter-time, but they don't offer any feature that's like Facebook's See Friendship one. I know I've followed this favorite-lady-of-mine for over two years. I've had Twitter for five altogether, so somewhere between two and five. [This record keeping tidbit was for other OCD storytellers like myself who like to include all the details!]

Without further ado, meet my most sparkly favorite, beauty-editor, wife and mom with the best hair ever, Alyssa Hertzig!! (Prepare to be OB-SESSED!)  

She has worked at Allure, Shape, and now at Brides in the years that I've followed her. Since I left college fully expecting to end up working in some magazine wonderland, I'm pretty sure Alyssa was basically a celebrity in my eyes from the first day I found her on Twitter! 

Her blog is a mix of beauty, diy, recipes, travel, and family. It's amazing. (Can you tell I think she hung the moon? Hahaha.)

Obviously, I just had to find out her favorites.

1. Who is your favorite artist/musician/band?
Weirdly, I don't listen to music very often these days! Since I live in NYC, I'm *never* in the car (which is where I used to do tons of music-listening), and with young kids, you don't really blast music at home very much! But I love pretty much anything from Mumford & Sons. I'm also a total closet Katy Perry fan. 

2. Where is your favorite place to visit?
Southern California. I grew up going to Los Angeles every summer and even lived there for a few years after college. I love everything about it--the weather, the architecture, the vibe. I always get so excited to go back.

3. What is your favorite food?
Pasta. All kinds, every kind. With lots of parmesan cheese. If I could, I would eat it every day, for every meal.

4. What is your favorite color?
Green. I can't stop buying green dresses--it's really becoming a problem!

5. What is your favorite movie?
Shawshank Redemption. Whenever it comes on TV, I'll always watch it. (I've seen it a zillion times!)

6. What is your favorite store?
I do most of my shopping online, actually. I love Piperlime, Anthropologie, Shopbop, Club Monoco, and Zappos, among many others. I'm also obsessed with Amazon.
7. What is your favorite beauty product?
Okay, this is pretty much impossible for me, since I work in beauty and try new, awesome products every day! But a few that I use regularly (and love!) are La Mer Concealer, Olay Regenerist Regenerating Lotion SPF 50, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer sunscreen spray, Yes to Cucumbers facial wipes, and lots more.

8. What is your favorite hobby?
I spend most of my free time working on my blog ( or watching bad TV.

9. What is your favorite book?
Two of my all-time favorite books are She's Come Undone and A Prayer For Owen Meany. More recently, I loved Gone Girl--I couldn't put it down!--and The Goldfinch.

10. What is your favorite blog/website?
I'm a big blog reader, so it would be tough to pick just one favorite. But a few of my daily must-reads are: Love Taza (, MommyShorts (, Stripes & Sequins (, Inspiralized (, Downtown Romantic (, A Cup of Jo (, etc etc. And then, of course, I couldn't live without Twitter or Pinterest!

Be sure to follow Alyssa on Twitter, on Pinterest, on Instagram, and at her blog -The Sparkly Life!

P.S. She was also featured on Glitter Guide a while back. Check out her amazing style over there, too!

Hope you have an AMAZING day, friends!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rules for Teen Girls

My mom shared a blog on Facebook that I thought was so good. I thought I would throw my two cents out for all the teen girls ever too.

1. Real friends don't sabatoge other friends to make themselves look better. 

2. Be yourself. Even if you're weird. I've always liked what I liked, and it has really worked out for me. (This isn't saying I didn't want to and try to fit in!) I'm just saying that the friends I had when I was beyond obsessed with pro-wrestling are still my friends today. 

3. You will look back and wish you hadn't done certain poses in pictures. For me, it was the duck face from 2004-2007. For you, it may be any of the following: severe head tilt, peace sign over the eye, peace sign over the eye with a duck face, or the combo of all of them - severe head tilt, duck face, complete with a peace sign over the eye. I've compiled some examples. 

(Please note:  I will give up the duck face, but the skinny arm is here to stay. Sorry if it annoys you. I learned about it on Karson's wedding day, and it's a habit I refuse to drop.)

4. You may start to realize that you have opinions different from your family or friends. This is ok. It's part of growing up. However, respect and obey your parents.

5.  As much as tests, papers, quizzes, and projects matter now, they aren't life or death situations. Study hard. Try your best. Trust God. Inhale. Exhale. RELAX.These  are literally some of the best years of your life!

6.  Watch Mean Girls. Remember the funny parts, but also make sure you don't turn into a total Plastic trying to become part of the popular crowd. #NotWorthIt

7.  Remember that God made you for a divine purpose. Even when life gets hard and you feel like it sucks and nothing goes your way - tell Him. He can take it. And just hold on. You are so worth loving. He has an amazing plan for your life. 

Happy back to school, girls. Rock this year.