Thursday, May 26, 2016

Well, 30...

We're off to a good start together! I have had the sweetest week full of love, laughter, tasty food, and the best hearts. So thankful to each one of you who helped turning 30 feel even better than I could have hoped!

Sunday, May 15, Cat, Lyndsey, and I saw Mother's Day! (Yes, I saw it twice. So cute!)

Monday, May 16, I had Mexican food for dinner with some of my bible study friends! Somehow, this is the only picture we took!

Wednesday, May 18, I turned 30!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew we would be having a work lunch, but I didn't expect to be showered in love as soon as I arrived!

My cake and Tinkerbell wand at work! #spoiled 

My sweet friend Melissa spent my birthday at Disney, but she still thought of me! Made my day!

We had a wonderful lunch of Mexican favorites! Then, my amazing boss and division gave me a basket full of 30 snacks! #butwait #summerisforswimsuits

My sister got home from a choir trip to Orlando on my birthday, and I was SO glad! She brought me back treasures-a-plenty from Disney and Universal!

We spent the afternoon and evening with my family (because duh, WEDNESDAY!) They spoiled me with great gifts AND ice cream cake! Pictured: The one creature who may love presents as much as me...Peanut!

My main girls on my birthday!

My bando planner alerted me that Friday, May 20, was National Pizza Party Day, so it was no doubt we would celebrate at Sal and Mookie's!

my Bee

Katelyn (an original Magnolia!)

Emmett and Paige

Saturday, May 21, the Abercrombie family joined us for an outing to Livingston. I can't put in to words how much I love that place! It was our first time to go, and it certainly won't be our last!

Lunch at the Gathering!

Y'all. The chicken and waffles was to die for. I'm drooling just remembering it!

Tulip was AMAZING, and I'm so glad I finally got to go!

Livingston has a candy store! Like a good, old-fashioned, reminds-me-of-Mr. Bulky's SWEET SHOP! Most of my spoils are gone, and I can't wait to get back there again!

Sunday night, May 22, Paige and Tony cooked for us. Paige had mentioned wanting to do dinner, and I'm always down for a free meal. What I didn't expect was decorations and to be treated like a queen! So thankful for 23+ years of her friendship.

Does thirty feel different? I don't really know, but it sure does feel loved. I can't thank my family, friends, and co-workers enough for how well they love me. Thank you from the bottom of my 30-year-old heart. Beyond words grateful.


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Goodbye 29! Goodbye my TWENTIES!

Holy. Cow. 
Tomorrow I turn 30. 

I still remember turning 20. It seemed crisis-worthy! Nicole promised to still call me a teenager. And now. Here I am. Leaving another decade behind!

My twenties were good. Amazing, even. Full of love and friendships I could have only dreamt of. 

They were also trying as anxiety became a very real part of my life. 


I'm stronger for having lived every year leading up to this.


God created me to be WILD and FREE!

Goodbye, 29. Goodbye my precious twenties.

Hello, 30. Let's do this thing.

LOVE you,

Friday, May 13, 2016

Happy Anniversary, blog-baby!

My sweet little blog is FOUR years old! You can read the very first post here.

As you can tell, I haven't blogged daily or managed to turn this into a source of income, but I still really love that I have my own little space on the internet.

Here's to another year of trying to prioritize and make this space even more my own!

Love y'all,

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Currently...May 2016!

May is here! I turn 30 two weeks from today, so this month is full of celebrations and fun. 

I was eager to link up with Anne and Jenna for this month, of course! Be sure to comment and tell me what you're currently up to. 

I'm currently celebrating: the arrival of summer weather in Mississippi; all the mama's I know on Mother's Day; MY 30th BIRTHDAY (on May 18)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!; my soul sister Lauren turning 30 on May 21; my sister finishing 9th grade and having a break!

I'm currently reading: Wild and Free (I actually just finished it yesterday but can't say enough about how it rocked my heart, mind, and life. If you are a woman who feels like too much and/or never enough, this book is for YOU.)

The Crown - the final book in the Selection series by Kiera Cass. Yesterday was a busy Tuesday, so my sweet husband went to Barnes and Noble to grab it for me! #thanksbug

I'm currently pondering: how to write a novel; how to be the wild and free woman God created me to be in my own everyday life; how to get to the beach with Jordan and Shaw before 2016 ends; how to start a YouTube channel; if I should also venture into the world of podcasting.

I'm currently sipping: my large cup of coffee with cinnamon roll creamer. I'm now so used to rich creamer that milk and sugar no longer cuts it for me. Whoops. I'll have to switch to the Almond Joy creamer soon as it's my summer go-to.

I'm currently going: to New Orleans next month with Jordan! We haven't taken a trip together just the two of us since our honeymoon! It's going to be three days and two nights, and I can NOT wait. There's so much exploring (and eating) we want to do. I have a feeling that NOLA is becoming one of our favorite spots!

Tell me all about your MAY!


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Currently: April 2016

It's been so long since I've linked up with Jenna and Anne, but I thought about it last week and decided to get back on track! (Also, HOW IS IT APRIL 2016 already?!?!)

I did this a few times last year, and I always enjoyed the prompts it offered me. Let's get started!

Currently making...plans for a Disney 2017 trip!!!! EEEK! If you know how much I love Disney, you know my heart is about to pop from sheer excitement!

Currently wishlisting...SO MANY THINGS! My birthday is next month (the big 3-0), and I'm literally ALWAYS making a wist list. Always. So you can imagine with it being a big birthday, my list is outta control. I may be working on a post...or a series of posts...about what I want. Hahahah. (And by "may be" I mean definitely am!)

Also, I got a sneak peek or three of the KEEP Collective summer stuff, and I WANT! Holy cow. SO GOOD. And so different than what we've already been able to offer!

Currently cleaning...out! I've gotten rid of so much stuff since Christmas. Also, I have a long list of things to clean and organize in our house. This month has been busy so far, but as soon as I can, I'm starting on that list! First up, organize craft stuff and bookshelves in our guest room!

Currently posting...about what pro-wrestling means to me...and birthday lists!

Currently tasting...La Croix and trying to like it. Bleh! It's so trendy and way healthier than soda, but I'm just not sure I can!


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My 30th Birthday Wish List - LOTS of Flair

I turn 30 on May 18. If you've been around for any time at all, you should know by now that I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY! I like to celebrate for the entire month, and this year is a BIG ONE!

I thought I'd start my birthday wish list as a blog post in case you wanted any gift ideas! (I know, I know - WHO DOES THIS? Me...)

I'm a new collector of flair/enamel pins. By new, I mean that I have two (non-Disney), and I want a ton more!!!!!!

Here are some that I'm yearning for:

Royal Palm 


Happy Heart

Los Angeles





Ice Cream


JESS, DEAN, LOGAN (because my GG heart is still undecided!)


Twin Peaks (the show, not the fine dining establishment)

Y'all. HOW CUTE ARE THOSE?!? (And such a modest price point!) I have so many saved on my Etsy wish list, too! You really can't go wrong!!!! Also, most of this list is also AMAZE (even if not individually listed above!)


P.S. I know. I should be embarrassed.  #Shameless

Sunday, April 3, 2016

WWE and my heart.

It seems like the most appropriate time for me to write this post. It's Wrestlemania weekend. (For those of you who aren't familiar, it's basically the Super Bowl of pro wrestling.) 

I've been a wrestling fan for about 20 years, give or take a bit. (I think I was about 9 or 10 when I started watching, and I turn 30 in May!) This post has been on my heart for years. Literally. (Well, at least since 2014 when I read this post.)

When I started watching, WCW was my company of choice. (It was initially what I was introduced to.) Then I found out there was another one - WWF (now WWE)! (Come to find out, there are many, many promotions out there - still now! You may be surprised to find local promotions in your city!)  The two big companies rivaled for years and years. WWE eventually bought WCW, and the two became one.

While there were two major promotions, I watched wrestling nearly every night of the week. Sunday Night Heat, Monday Nitro, Raw, Thunder, Smackdown, and WCW Saturday Night. It was a huge part of my life, which I'm sure was an interesting choice of a hobby/interest for a shy, tiny, blonde girl. (I'm obviously past the shy part. And the tiny part, but let's not get into that! Hahaha.)

Growing up, all I wanted in life was to be a WCW Nitro Girl. Their stint dancing during Monday Nitro was short lived. I then knew I was meant to be a Diva. The women in WWE are strong, beautiful, brave, and inspiring. All I wanted was to be one of them. My room was wallpapered with posters and clippings from floor to ceiling. I had a notebook that held weekly pictures of the women I admired and wanted to be like. I practiced my autograph on more paper than I could count. I knew I had to attend college in a town with a wrestling school. I was making plans.

When I was 16, I stopped watching because I knew I had made wrestling an idol in my life. I knew God had to be in first place. It was hard to let go, but it allowed me to grow and learn a healthy balance. During my hiatus, I never stopped loving wrestling and kept up with people and what was going on.

Today, I'm still a loyal fan. I don't watch it as often as it airs (we don't have cable!), but I keep up - with many thanks to social media, the internet, and (of course) WWE Network!

Beyond my TV watching and internet searching, I've been able to meet so many of the Superstars and Divas who really inspire me, still. I may have given up on the dream of becoming one of them (as I'm about to be 30 and didn't pursue it), but I love it more than ever. I really feel like God has blessed me with these interactions with some of my favorites. He has shown me that even though I didn't get it my way, He still had good plans for me. Getting to interact with people who have inspired me for years is truly a gift!

WHY? Why am I writing this? Why am I telling you? Well, honestly, it's because the industry means so much to me. I know that this may not make one ounce of sense to you, but I'm really going to try and explain.

Wrestling as an industry and as a fan community is sincerely like a family. Sure, we don't all cheer for the same people, as some like the faces and some like the heels, but we're all there for the same thing. We love that they risk life and limb to entertain us. There's just something about it. The loyalty. The dedication. The creativity. We all have each other. We cheer the wrestlers on, and they inspire us. Day in and day out.

Many people love music, but not many people can arrive to a concert and meet the lead singer of the ultra popular band, you know? Wrestling is different. I can't speak for every single performer out there, but so many of them are eager to meet their fans and interact. (Note: Not every place and date allow for them to have the freedom to do this. Keep in mind they are on the road over 300+ days a year. They work hard and are tired. Be kind when you get the chance!)

WWE is more than just an empire. The Superstars and Divas truly do give back. They work with Make-A-Wish and Be a STAR, just to get the list started. It's about teaching kids to grow up into people who achieve their goals, give back, and help others.

It's about the community. It's about the loyalty. It's about the underdog. It's about the biggest star. It's about SO much to me. It's about sharing it with friends. It's about completely buying in to it. It's about arriving to the arena early to see who I can meet and talk to. 

Would I still love to work for the WWE? Of course. In just about any capacity. Haha. I don't know what God has for me at this point, but I do know that I have an intense and long-lasting love for sports entertainment. I feel like I feel so strongly for a reason. Maybe it's just to tweet and encourage a superstar I enjoy. Maybe it's for more. We'll see.

Happy Wrestlemania Sunday, friends!


P.S. Wrestlemania is the only thing on my Bucket List so far!