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Get. It. Together.

I have rested so much this weekend, and I'm still just worn out. I think I've come to the conclusion that this world wears me out. It makes me weary. For sure. Maybe more now than ever. Anyway. It's Sunday night. I should be totally prepared for another week at work after such a lazy weekend. BUT. I feel so guilty that I don't have my life together. I haven't showered yet or finishing folding laundry. I forgot to buy coffee at the grocery store. Once again, I feel bad that we just grabbed ALL the carbs at Kroger and haven't planned out balanced meals. I haven't exercised or cleaned the house. And why?! Because I was lazy. It makes me feel like a lousy wife and like a 30 year old who has not figured out how to adult any better than I had at 22. I know I need rest. And that reasoning works well for a while. Then, though, I have to question how much rest I need and how many times I use it as an excuse. BUT reading Wild and Free, I'm see