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Thankful (continued)

I meant to blog more frequently this week, but alas, here I am - on Thanksgiving night - adding to the list of reasons why I am beyond thankful. My family isn't perfect by any means, but they are perfect for me. I have the best parents - the best mom, stepdad, dad, and stepmom ever. I have THE best sister ever. I'm thankful for how wonderful my family is - despite how crazy we may seem to people on the outside, our relationships work for us!  I can't voice my thanks enough to my mom for raising me into the woman I am today. Best friends.  On August 11, I started my very own family! I got married , and though it's still crazy to say, I have a HUSBAND of my very own!  Goodness.  Jordan is so patient with me. So loving and so funny.  Excited for the two of us to continue growing up and growing old together. Love him and appreciate him so much. He is a full-time student, hard-working waiter, and still makes time for us.  So thankful for his support and u


I am so thankful for Jami Nato. SO THANKFUL. She is amazing. She finds the gospel everywhere. At first, I just thought she was uber clever. Now I know her message was true. God is everywhere. Seek Him out.

Thankful for...friends!

It's almost so stereotypical to write blog posts of thanksgiving the week of Thanksgiving that I thought of fighting the urge. Rather than that, I'll share some of the numerous things I'm thankful for, this week and every week! Today, I'm telling you that I'm thankful for my friends . Y'all, when I tell you this, it isn't to brag. (Well, not the main reason! Hahahah.) I can (and will) boast in God's above-and-beyond-amazing blessings in my life. I have friends in my life that are greater than anything my mind could ever have imagined - which is saying something since I have quite an imagination! It means a lot - A LOT - to have people who I can relate to, count on, love, be transparent with, be inspired by... I can keep going... I have some talented friends. Srsly. Seriouslyyyyy talented. 2 nurse best friends a yoga master best a law student best a graphic-designing, teaching best 2 other teaching bests one phenomenal momma/photogra

How to Stay Strict Without Being Strict

I am here to redeem myself. I apologize for my recent hiatus. Law school has been a very jealous mistress. So I plead for your forgiveness attached with a gift… a gift of a few healthy holiday tips! We are one week away from the day we all begin an unspoken end of all diet and exercise until we make our newest New Year’s fitness resolution. BUT it doesn’t have to be that way! I have complied a few tips and ideas to help you stay on track with your diet and exercise routine, while still enjoying your holiday favorites. Portion control: Holiday gatherings always provide sooo many different dishes that we can’t wait to try, but that’s the key word… TRY!   If you know you can’t leave a holiday party without trying the pecan pie, the turkey dressing, and the candied yams, then just takes samples of all your favorites and I promise you will find yourself “guilt-free holiday full.” Taking samples lets you enjoy all your favorites without ha