about me.

Hmm...where do I begin?

Jessica. 31. Mississippi.
My birthday is May 18.
I like to celebrate it for the entire month of May.

I share the cutest duplex with my husband, Jordan.
We've been married since 8-11-2012.
Together since 12-26-2007.
Best friends ever.

We love Disney.
LOVE it.

My family is everything to me, y'all.
My sister is 16. She's my entire world.
LOVE my parents (all 4) and my sister so much. (And our little doxie, too!)
Peanut, our miniature dachshund is 13.
He lives with my family, but he owns my heart.
Best. Dog. Ever.

Update: We've added another doxie to our lives/hearts. After our friends brought home their daughter from India, their four-legged family member came to live with us! (You may remember her being mentioned here.)
This is Shaw Followell Thornton. She's 7 years old.
This girl actually lives at our duplex with us.

Let's see if I can try and sum myself up...
Saved by/amazed by/undeserving of/but embracing the love and grace of Jesus.
I enjoy every.little.thing about pop culture.
Makeup-a-holic. (Walgreens is such a black hole of fun for me.)
Teen fiction = YES. 
Pretty Little Liars. Vampire Diaries. The Originals.
Professional wrestling fan since about 4th grade.
The beach is my favorite.

I thrive on community.
Real, get-down-in-my-mess friends are my favorite.
I'm loyal and enjoy sharing all my thoughts/feelings.

This is enough for now.

I'm @jesstinybird on every social network! (Be warned: I love a good selfie...)

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