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Well, 30...

We're off to a good start together! I have had the sweetest week full of love, laughter, tasty food, and the best hearts. So thankful to each one of you who helped turning 30 feel even better than I could have hoped! Sunday, May 15, Cat, Lyndsey, and I saw Mother's Day! (Yes, I saw it twice. So cute!) Monday, May 16, I had Mexican food for dinner with some of my bible study friends! Somehow, this is the only picture we took! Wednesday, May 18, I turned 30!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew we would be having a work lunch, but I didn't expect to be showered in love as soon as I arrived! My cake and Tinkerbell wand at work! #spoiled  My sweet friend Melissa spent my birthday at Disney, but she still thought of me! Made my day! We had a wonderful lunch of Mexican favorites! Then, my amazing boss and division gave me a basket full of 30 snacks! #butwait #summerisforswimsuits My sister got home from a choir trip to Orlando on my birthday, and I w

Goodbye 29! Goodbye my TWENTIES!

Holy. Cow.  Tomorrow I turn 30.  THIRTY.  I still remember turning 20. It seemed crisis-worthy! Nicole promised to still call me a teenager. And now. Here I am. Leaving another decade behind! My twenties were good. Amazing, even. Full of love and friendships I could have only dreamt of.  They were also trying as anxiety became a very real part of my life.  BUT. I'm stronger for having lived every year leading up to this. AND. God created me to be WILD and FREE! Goodbye, 29. Goodbye my precious twenties. Hello, 30. Let's do this thing. LOVE you, Jessica @jesstinybird

Happy Anniversary, blog-baby!

My sweet little blog is FOUR years old! You can read the very first post here . As you can tell, I haven't blogged daily or managed to turn this into a source of income, but I still really love that I have my own little space on the internet. Here's to another year of trying to prioritize and make this space even more my own! Love y'all, Jessica @jesstinybird

Currently...May 2016!

May is here! I turn 30 two weeks from today, so this month is full of celebrations and fun.  I was eager to link up with Anne and Jenna for this month, of course! Be sure to comment and tell me what you're currently up to.  I'm currently celebrating: the arrival of summer weather in Mississippi; all the mama's I know on Mother's Day; MY 30th BIRTHDAY (on May 18)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!; my soul sister Lauren turning 30 on May 21; my sister finishing 9th grade and having a break! I'm currently reading: Wild and Free (I actually just finished it yesterday but can't say enough about how it rocked my heart, mind, and life. If you are a woman who feels like too much and/or never enough, this book is for YOU.) The Crown - the final book in the Selection series by  Kiera Cass . Yesterday was a busy Tuesday, so my sweet husband went to Barnes and Noble to grab it for me! #thanksbug I'm currently pondering: how to wr