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Hips don't July....

Couldn't resist myself with the title! Once something pops in my head, it's basically inevitable that I share it, which can be a favorite thing about me or a flaw. Your choice.  ;) Just thought I'd share a few products I'm enjoying so far this summer.  1. This eye palate is amazing. Obviously, Hard Candy know what's up when it comes to eye makeup that stays put and enhances your irises! It retails for $6 at Walmart, and so far, I've collected two of them! I have the greens and purples. They also have browns and blues. Run, don't walk, ladies.  2. Olay BB Cream makes my morning routine easier in the summer months...and, let's face it, any other month when I'm too lazy for my whole routine. I tried (and liked) the Garnier bb cream, but I felt like it was much too dark for my skin. I think they've since developed a lighter shade as well.  3. Maybelline Color Whisper in Pin Up Peach is so sheer and so smooth! I like that I can slip on a quick layer f