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Hear ye, hear ye!

Music makes the world go round.  Music makes my heart skip a beat.  Music makes me feel.  I'm a girl who knows what she likes, and I like music.  All of this to say, Spotify is rocking my life.  You can listen online. You can download the app. It's free. (Or you can pay to skip the ads and listen to whatever, whenever!) Much like Pandora, you can listen to radio stations based on artists or genres of music.  My favorite two things about Spotify are being able to listen to one artist for as long as I want (on shuffle of course) and being able to create my own mix and match playlists. Obsessed. In the app, there are a ton of pages to look at! My profile gives me access to the friends and artists that I follow, to the artists or albums I listened to most recently, and to the list of the playlists I follow and/or create!                                                                     By selecting the Browse tab, I'm able to se

life lately:

How are you? I'm HAPPY that warmer weather is here! Just wanted to post some pictures from life lately. If you follow my instagram , you've probably seen most of these there. Umm, also, if you're not following me, go ahead and do that, silly!   Spent some time last Wednesday with Katelyn. We went for a manicure (K) and pedicure (me) date. I finally used the giftcard she gave me last year for my birthday! (My birthday is less than a month away, so plan accordingly!) I stopped in Barnes and Noble and grabbed the British issue of Glamour. Something about getting magazines from other countries makes me so happy. This is a super good issue, too!    If you know me AT ALL, you know that Mean Girls is basically my favorite movie of all time ever. When I saw Seventeen Magazine post an interview with Daniel Franzese who played Damien, I knew I had to touch base! (You can read that article here .) So far, he has

Rise up.

Admittedly, I'm not in the Word enough. I don't prioritize it like I wish I did or like I know I should. But I still believe that it's true. I still believe that God sent Jesus to save me. And you. To save all of us from what we deserve.  Just thinking this week about Jesus and all He was about to endure, knowing that if He had to do it all again, He would do it just for me. It leaves me breathless. My heart catches in my throat. Even just for me. He loves me that much. He was that obedient to his Father. To our Father God. He never sinned, not once, despite being tempted. Yet still, He took my place. And yours. We are free because of His willingness.  Look, I know this can be a sensitive subject. And trust me, I'm not one to try and push my beliefs on you. Just know, I want you to know this freedom. I want you to have eternal life. I need you to feel the overwhelming love and grace of God.  I get it. People mess up. The Church (or people in your life who were/are only

Chili Dogs and Panic Attacks - My Messy Beautiful

If you're reading this, you either a)follow my blog already {bless you} or b)found me from the Momastery link-up. Welcome. I'm happy you're here. :) I'm not even a mom yet. I just adore Glennon and the truth she speaks. Plus, I like that she feels things as intensely as I do. So my messy beautiful. When I first saw the information about this project, I knew I had to be a part of it. Why? Not because I have some intensely event-packed life to share. Certainly because I believe in sharing the real - the feelings, the experiences, the lessons - with people in my life. (That's you.) If you've read anything I've had to post lately, you know it's anxiety-this or panic-attack-that. You probably also know that this isn't what I want to blog about every.single.time I post something. However, for the purpose of this Messy, Beautiful Project, here's my mess. I love my life. It isn't perfect, but I love it. LOVE it. In

SWL: you, me, us. Always.

Y'all know how much I just love people. Making friends (in real life and online) is one of my most favorite things ever. (EVER!) Know what else I love? People who encourage people. People who let you know that your mess (past or present) is OK. You aren't alone. Today, I got the chance to meet one of those friends (ERYN!!!!!!!!!) in real life as she and some of her friends stopped in Jackson spreading their So Worth Loving message! (Also, I got to visit Thimblepress for the first time. Obsessed is an understatement. I want to move in. You can shop on their website - and you're going to want to!) (If you know me, you know I died over the fact that there is a dog in the store!! And that gorgeous girl is Sara - an amazing photographer!) (Stationery is one of my love languages, y'all.) (Run, don't walk...these have been ALL over the internet in recent days!) Just want to remind you that you are SO WORTH LOVING. No