Know Your Worth Wednesday

I've tossed this idea around for a while. I have had one person on my mind/heart. Today's her birthday, so I can't put it off any longer. Welcome to KNOW YOUR WORTH WEDNESDAY!

Y'all, as a teenager and into my early twenties, I loved Rihanna. Like LOVED her. Now, while I still enjoy her past work, I find myself just concerned for her. I can't keep buying her music or following her on social media when what she represents is the opposite of what I find to be true and good.

I'm not blaming anyone. I'm not telling her on my tiny blog what I think she should or shouldn't do. I just miss her. It's like when a friendship ends or transitions and two friends grow apart. (Not that we were friends, but we could have been!)

Ri, I know you sang that once a good girl goes bad, she's gone forever, but c'mon. We miss you. (I say "we" by assuming I'm not the only one!) I miss when you sang songs that were happy or heavy, but not overtly sexual. Call me a prude if you wish - I just miss you from 2007 and before! (Back when you had the Best. Hair. Ever.)

I want good things for you.
I want good things for your heart and life.
Know that you are worth more than you can even imagine.
You are SO loved.
I'm not here to judge you.
I just miss who you were when I felt like you were in a better place.

Happy Birthday, Rihanna. I hope this is your best year yet.

You can stand under my Umbrella. Srsly.



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