Influence Network Meetup

I'm Jessica. Y'all, I love the Influence Network. LOVE. I was pretty pumped up to join this link-up and get to know my other Influential sisters! (Did you know that you have influence? You. Yes. Seriously.)

I have no shame in taking a trillion pictures of myself...and then posting them all to Instagram (or Facebook, Twitter, etc...), which you are sure to know if you already follow me! Here's one photo I love:

This picture is from last Easter! I like it because I feel like it captures me: happy, fun, and stuck in a tree!  ;)

Three things you should know about me:
1. I love making new friends. Seriously. Let's be real, invest-in-each-other-and-love-each-other friends.
2. I daydream a lot. I have so many things I want to accomplish. Right now, I'm trying to decipher between what I want and what God has for me. I'm hoping the two things are the same. You know the feeling?
3. I feel like time is passing so quickly. I keep getting older by the numbers, but I still feel 17. Anyone else? This probably helps keep my love of teen fiction and teen-fiction-turned-tv-shows alive!

What I've learned from Influence Net so far:
 There are other ladies going through the same things as me! I know we always hear it, but we don't always have people (in real life) willing to be open and share. (I do, thank the Lord, but still.) There are real, genuine friendships being formed on TIN. I couldn't be more thankful.



  1. I am SO glad we are friends! You're such a gift in my life!!

  2. Hey Jessica!

    I also love to daydream! When I tuck my son into bed (he is 19 months old), I tell him he should close his eyes, relax, and daydream until he goes to sleep. I doubt he has any idea what daydreams are, but I want to get him started early. =)

    Looking forward to getting to know you better on the Influence Network!

  3. Your three things could be my three things, FOR REAL. When I first got married my husband would catch me watching Disney Channel tween shows all the time :) I also am seeking God's will and hoping his desire for me is what he has placed on my heart. AND I feel like we are friends!! You're great at investing in people. Thank you!!

  4. authentic friendships are so very beautiful!!! I love that. and pictures being stuck in trees! props!

    1. So glad you stopped by! Can't wait to get to know you better!

  5. The picture I shared is of me in a tree, too! Love it!

    I definitely still feel, say, 15. The 20s have definitely been an adjustment, and being 22 is completely different from being 15. I'm learning to really dwell in 22 and take advantage of the opportunities it offers! (And thank goodness we're not in our teens anymore!)

  6. I GET that struggle of not knowing if my dreams match Gods. But I think that having that struggle is good because if forces us (or me at least) to pour into scripture and look for His will amidst it all.
    I'm glad you're a part of the network!

    1. You're so right. Really hoping to spend more intentional time in the Word.

  7. I'm a teen in a woman's body as well ;) Teen fiction is my fave!

  8. I know what you mean about still feeling like a teenager! I'll be 31 in May, and it just keeps feeling stranger and stranger...

    So great to meet you through the Influential Women link up!


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