2013 MTV Video Music Awards (pre-blog)

The past couple of years, I've really struggled with the VMAs. I always want to watch and not to miss things, but I don't want to watch because of things I know I'll see. 

Tuesday, driving to work, I was deciding that I wasn't going to watch at all. I used to love Miley and Gaga, but now they make me sad. I'm just over it. Until....I started hearing murmurs of an NSYNC reunion. (Also, why did I just put "an" in front of NSYNC?)

Anyway. Now I'm planning to watch. I'm excited, even though I know I'll see things I won't like or approve of. I'm still growing up, finding the right path. So there's that. 

Plus, I can't wait to see red carpet outfits!

Love your sometimes morally/culturally confused magnolia,

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