2014: Girl, bye.

Holy cow, y'all. We're at the end of another year. I don't know about you, but 2014 was kind of a tough one. 

I'm eager for 2015! For 2014, my word of the year was hope. For 2015, my word is purpose. I want to live to the fullest. I want anxiety to be on the very back burner of the broken stove in another kitchen. I just want to love life and help other people love their lives, too. 

Here's to a brand new year. New goals. New chances and opportunities. God has a plan, and I want to be intentional on listening to and for His voice. 

Sure, 2014 had some memorable moments that I'm grateful for. I just feel so positive going into 2015. So I just have one thing to say to 2014:  girl, bye!



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