Real talk.

Y'all. What a week! I spent two days home sick on the couch with a sore throat and fever. 

Last night, I went to a huge high school football game and sat out in the heat talking with friends. Today I have no voice above a whisper. No exaggeration. (I've never been this quiet in my life!!!!)

(Obsessed with panoramic shots lately!)

We have a sink full of dirty dishes that need washing and a living room full of clean laundry that needs to be put away. 

I didn't even read while I was home sick!! I only watched Netflix. For two days. 

Here is the current state of my remaining nail polish (from when I last painted them on 8/10):
I really try to never let them get so ragged!!!! Alas, fixing my phalanges is on my Friday night to do list. ;)

But that's real life. That's where I am today. And it's ok. 

How are you? Deep down. Really. 

It's so easy to get bogged down under the meant-to(s) and need-to(s). Let's face it. We can't do it all. Not all the things all the time. We can't. And it's ok. I'm telling you. Life goes on. We have more chances. Be thankful for every day. Try again. Give yourself grace. 

Here's hoping for a good weekend. Whether that means doing a ton or actually resting, I hope yours is full. 



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