Currently...May 2016!

May is here! I turn 30 two weeks from today, so this month is full of celebrations and fun. 

I was eager to link up with Anne and Jenna for this month, of course! Be sure to comment and tell me what you're currently up to. 

I'm currently celebrating: the arrival of summer weather in Mississippi; all the mama's I know on Mother's Day; MY 30th BIRTHDAY (on May 18)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!; my soul sister Lauren turning 30 on May 21; my sister finishing 9th grade and having a break!

I'm currently reading: Wild and Free (I actually just finished it yesterday but can't say enough about how it rocked my heart, mind, and life. If you are a woman who feels like too much and/or never enough, this book is for YOU.)

The Crown - the final book in the Selection series by Kiera Cass. Yesterday was a busy Tuesday, so my sweet husband went to Barnes and Noble to grab it for me! #thanksbug

I'm currently pondering: how to write a novel; how to be the wild and free woman God created me to be in my own everyday life; how to get to the beach with Jordan and Shaw before 2016 ends; how to start a YouTube channel; if I should also venture into the world of podcasting.

I'm currently sipping: my large cup of coffee with cinnamon roll creamer. I'm now so used to rich creamer that milk and sugar no longer cuts it for me. Whoops. I'll have to switch to the Almond Joy creamer soon as it's my summer go-to.

I'm currently going: to New Orleans next month with Jordan! We haven't taken a trip together just the two of us since our honeymoon! It's going to be three days and two nights, and I can NOT wait. There's so much exploring (and eating) we want to do. I have a feeling that NOLA is becoming one of our favorite spots!

Tell me all about your MAY!



  1. my Wild & Free is coming tomorrow!! <3 <3 <3
    Not only that - but the crown - i'm pumped!

  2. Happy almost birthday! I loved turning 30 because it's clearly one you should celebrate big, and I took advantage of that :) And I'd love to hear what fun stuff you come up with for NOLA. I have a work trip there at the end of June and need to come up with a few fun non-work things to check out while I'm there... Enjoy, and thanks for linking up :)


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