I'm still here!

I haven't posted anything here in FIVE MONTHS. That's insane. Can we think back to when this blog started five years ago, and I wanted to become an actual, legit blogger? In my heart, I still do. It's just hard to live up to the expectations I have for myself.

I've had a note saved in my phone for months. I had planned to post around my birthday in May. You know, the one where I turned 31? Thirty-one. Holy mackerel. Time is flying by. Years are going by as fast as weekends do. I guess I could share some of that note now. (There's no time like the present.)

I want to be a good daughter, Christian, wife, sister, friend, blogger, and employee. 
But what I mean by "good" is perfect...
And I want to write meaningful fiction and live in a gorgeous house.
I want to only have one chin but still eat ALL the donuts.
I wish I used my time to keep a clean house always.
I want to have a successful line of Disney shirts or a well-known YouTube channel.
But what if I have cared about my ideal life and being right about trivial things more than I have valued the gospel?
It's sobering how many years have passed and how many dreams I've dreamt but never pursued. Now I'm older (too old for some, maybe), and I'm realizing that I must act now in order to not live a life wasted.
So, even if I only ever write one ebook that only my mom and husband read, I have to start on something. 
I want 31 to be full of tacos, fun, happiness, laughter, joy, a growing faith, and a lot of gratitude.

I've only had one panic attack in 2017. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow. But you know what it was about? Lies from the devil. That maybe I didn't pray the salvation prayer good enough. That maybe I didn't "get saved" right. That maybe my little faith isn't enough. But you know what else? I have praying friends and family and a God that never gives up on me. If you'd like, I'm accepting any and all prayers for the devil to take a hike these days.

I'm (thankfully) on the launch team for Dance Stand Run by Jess Connolly. It's now available for pre-order, and I can promise that you will not want to miss the truth in these pages. (Also, there are some amazing pre-order gifts, so DanceStandRun, but don't walk!)

I know this post is a little bit ALL OVER THE PLACE, but welcome to my mind-dump, you know?  :) I'm happy you've read this, if you have, and I'm thankful for your time.

Here's hoping that I actually get back to posting more regularly, as I feel like I always have feelings to share and things to say.

Have an amazing week, friends.



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