How soon is too soon?

Let’s talk Kate.
As you might have read in my introduction post, I attempt to replicate her every chance I get. I mean who can’t like a girl who looks great in anything from elegant evening dresses to rubber boots (even if they are Hunter boots).  Her fashion choices are always stunning and classy but for once I have to disagree with her choice of outfits.  Yes, that was very hard to type, but in this case it is true.
Right now the The Queen of England is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee. As if everything involving Queen Elizabeth is not already a big deal, this is pretty much the icing on the cake; it is a celebration of The Queen’s 60 year reign.  So Tuesday when Kate decided to repeat an outfit at afternoon tea in honor of the Queen, it caused a bit of controversy.
First look at the outfit.

It is undeniably perfect for the occasion. The color, the cut, even the hat is just enough to not land Duchess Kate a starring role in a SNL parody. I am sure this outfit sold out within minutes of its FIRST debut. But that is the problem with this outfit. Kate wore this outfit only two weeks ago at another event. Cutting it close don’t you think? I mean, I love her attempt to connect with the British commoners, especially in such economically trying times, but for the Diamond Jubilee I think the commoners would have made an exception. This is like wearing the same dress to the Oscars and the Emmys.
So what do you think? Is two weeks too soon for an outfit repeat?  Leave your comments.

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