Meet the Magnolias: Karson

Hi, I am Karson:

-I am a typical 20-something trying to make my mark on the world.

-I was born and raised in Mississippi, though my family is spread across the country.

-I am an activist at heart for all things that cannot speak for themselves, the environment, animals, etc...

-I strongly believe that everybody has the responsibility to protect the environment and to better our world.

-Responsible fashion is something I have a great passion for, and I encourage you all to be conscious, aware and informed consumers.

-I can become excited and giddy at the drop of a hat, and I have a hard time controling the volume of my voice.

-I am a sucker for teen angst and drama in all things, especially books, movie and TV shows.

-I love my friends and family more than they will ever know.


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