Meet the Magnolias: Katelyn

Hello to all my fashion-forward readers! My name is Katelyn, and I can’t wait to blog with you about the latest and greatest in fashion, fitness, and all that falls in between. As you have seen, the magnolias of this blog are not cookie cutter duplicates. We each bring our own sense of style, humor, and experience to the table.

I can pretty much sum myself up in three points: Kate Middleton, law school, and single. I will include of few more just for good measure.

No, no do not get confused. I am not Kate Middleton’s hand maiden (not that lucky), but I do look to her for fashion inspiration.  I am also influenced by the always classy styles of Jackie O., Blair Waldorf, and Lauren Conrad. 

I start law school in August.  Supposedly it will monopolize my life, but I say “bring it.” I cannot think of any profession more suiting for me.  I hope to spend as much of my career in the court room as possible.

Yes, I am single. I am the only single magnolia, but readers will benefit! I will have plenty to blog about in this area---- the good, the bad, and the embarrassing.

I love to wear dresses. I am addicted to lace.  I believe there is no such thing as owning too much makeup, nail polish, or beauty products.  

I hate to watch TV shows while the season is on TV. Basically, the suspense kills me. I tend knock out a whole season of my favorite shows in one weekend.

I like to cook. I love finding new, healthy recipes!

On a final note, I like to say that I love to run. Really I just like desserts, and running keeps me in the same size jeans. Therefore, get ready for plenty of blog entries about diet and fitness.

I think I have covered the basics. You will be hearing from me again soon!


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