Meet the Magnolias

Meet the Magnolias started on a whim. The name came to me one day while I was driving. I was telling my closest girlfriends about the idea, and here we are!

We love so many blogs, but some of our favorites are The Beauty Department, HelloGiggles, Southern Weddings, Glamour's blogs, and The Sparkly Life. Upon our discussion and brain-storming, we came to the conclusion that we love big city blogs, but we feel like Mississippi needs its own representation!

We are in different life stages and have many different interests, but we also share a lot of the same likes! I hope that as a few southern girls with big dreams, big laughs, and big hearts, we will be able to relate and share with you all that we love about life.

That's all for now, but we hope y'all will stick with us! You'll be meeting us one by one, so come back soon!

Jessica of Meet the Magnolias


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