Right now, I'm obsessed with...

several of the new beauty products I've been trying!

I just bought this primer last weekend at Victoria's Secret. I really like it a lot! I feel like it helps my makeup stay put, and it feels nice to spray on!

I bought this a month or two ago after seeing it in several magazines. I haven't used it everyday, but I LOVE how it goes on! Notice it is just for your face. I feel like it even helps my makeup look smoother.

I bought this BB Cream a month ago. I wanted to try one after seeing several articles and blogs about them, and Garnier was my drugstore option! I actually use it as a replacement for moisturizer and foundation. (I'm also excited to try the new Maybelline one coming out!)

One of my fellow Magnolias, Katelyn, bought me this eyeshadow set for my birthday! I had wanted it for a while, and it's probably one of my favorites now! Pretty sure I've worn it every day since I got it.

The colors are great alone or layered on top of one another.

Keep coming back for more!


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