Your World, Our World (By Karson)

   Sometimes change can be hard to get used to, and it can be even harder to start. As stated in my bio, I believe we all have a responsibility to the environment and to better our world.  Don’t let the word “world” scare you into thinking you can’t make a big enough change. If everybody makes small changes to better their world, think about how much of a positive impact would be made on our world. 

   Currently I am working with the city where I live (Brandon MS) to get a conversation started among the city residents and the city government sparking interest in curbside recycling. ). This is not to say I consider this a small change. This process has been quite a challenge, and finding where to start has been the most difficult part. If this is a route you are interested in taking, I recommend getting the conversation started in your community. 

   First, find out who is truly interested and willing to help. Social media is a great tool for this. Second, get those interested to call their City Alderman and getting them behind the movement. This will give you some political footing and lessen the “us against them” push. The idea is not to start an argument or view this as a fight, but simply to see it as a conversation. Get people educated and talking about the benefits of your cause, and continue educating people until your elected officials are well informed. If, like me, your cause is geared towards improving the environment, contact your local Department of Environmental Quality for some great facts and resources available to your community. All of this to say, don’t under estimate how changes in your world can better our world.

Ideas for small changes that can make a big impact:

-It’s so easy to reach for a paper towel after washing your hands, next time reach for a re-usable towel. For cute towels visit

- Wash clothes with cold water

- Turn the Water off while brushing your teeth

- unplug appliances when not in use as they can still drain energy even when turned off (don’t forget your phone chargers)


- replace your toilets with low flow systems. Low flow systems use about 1.6 gallons of water per flush as opposed to the regular systems using 3.5 gallons per flush.


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