As we all know yoga is a great form of exercise, stretching, and it can help lower anxiety. That being said, I thought I would share a few of my favorite poses with you guys. Please don’t push yourself to do more than you are comfortable with. My yoga instructor always says “respect your edge, but don’t be afraid to go to your edge”. A few good, basic poses are down dog and child’s pose. Down dog is great pose with many variations. Down Dog can be done as seen in the picture, but for more of a challenge, come down on to your forearms. A great strengthening pose that can be done from the basic down dog pose or down dog on forearms is plank; this pose will strengthen your core. Child’s pose is a great position to relax in after or before down dog as it is easy to transition from child’s pose to down dog due to the out stretched arms. In addition triangle and warrior pose are great for strength building and stretching. Have fun with the poses by putting them in your own sequence or simply taking them one at a time.

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