Back to the Basics

Back to the Basics

Do you ever see a girl in a totally cute outfit, but you can see her panty line? Or even worse the exact print of those panties? I have the solution. It is an old solution that you probably had several fights with your mother over while growing up, but it is the only solution. 

Meet the nude slip…
slip dress vintage black nude pink small

Wait! Do not roll your eyes just yet, hear me out first.

1. It gets rid of panty lines. No longer restricted to that certain pair of panties for a certain dress.
2. No more worrying about being able to see through your dress in different lighting situations. 
3. It has an overall smoothing effect on an outfit. 

A few tips for buying a slip:

1. You have options. You can purchase a full slip or a half slip. I recommend having both. 

Vintage Slip 1950s // Nude Lace // Size Large

I love this slip! It is thin, feminine, and vintage too. This slip is perfect for a see through shift or lace dress this summer without making you feel like you have two dresses on at one time. I will admit it is harder to find short, full slips but I found this one on Etsy. I am living proof that buying a full slip is an investment, since I have been using the same one since middle school!

This half slip is the perfect length. You can buy it on I also suggest a buying a half-slip with a lace waist band. It will give it a more feminine lingerie feel. 

2.Do not buy it too long. Most stores that sell slips, bras, and other similar accessories will measure you for free. The slip should fall about 2 inches above your average dress length.

3. When it comes to color, I always go with nude. Black can be very useful, but for starters go with nude. In my own experience I have found white to be the most useless color. White tends to defeat the purpose under most outfits, I will explain more when we discuss bras. 

A few tips for buying bras:

1. Have a professional measure you for the proper size. Even if you are lacking in this department, you will not regret having a professional size you. 

2. Always have the basic colors. Nude and Black. I know this seems boring, but there is nothing cute about being able to tell what color bra you have on that day. I love a hot pink bra just as much as the next girl, but we should stick with the motto "Always classy, never trashy," when deciding what bra looks best with that super cute white tank top you have been dying to wear. 

3. You get what you pay for when it comes to buying bras. Cheaper bras tend to offer fewer size and style options. They also do not fit properly. So when buying a bra, look at it as an investment. Go ahead and splurge on a more expensive (doesn't have to be outrageous) brand to ensure a proper fit. Remember: Great fit means comfortable. 

One thing I like to stress about slips, bras, and even panties is the way you wash and try them. You can significantly extend the life of your "underthings" if you take heed to a few guidelines.

1. Buy an undergarment bag (especially for bras) to put your undergarments in to wash them. This helps preserve the shape of your bras.

2. Wash on cold and with like colors.

3. DO NOT put them in the dryer. I cannot stress this enough. Bras and slips should be line dried. No exceptions. 

While we are on this topic I just have one more thing I would like to set the record straight on when it comes to underthings. Do not wear a white bra under a white shirt. Though it does seem logical it is incorrect. In fact, if you wear a white bra under a white shirt, you might as well wear a neon yellow bra. NUDE is the proper color. The same concept applies to white pants. Basically the conclusion of this blog can be--- When in doubt, go nude!


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