If you must go to the gym, you might as well look good while you're there!

If you know me then you know that, buying a new outfit puts me in a better mood than Ben and Jerry's "Half Baked" ice cream (its a close race, but a new outfit wins none the less). So it's not surprising that a new workout gear fuels my motivation to make it to the gym. As a matter of fact, to be technical, nothing gets me more pumped to hit the gym than a new Nike outfit. I love Nike gear. I am basically a walking Nike billboard every time I break a sweat. 

So to help you find a little extra motivation, I have put together a few workout suggestions. 

Let's start with the sports bra. This sometimes overlooked, sometimes unseen, part of your outfit is the most important. Every lady needs a little extra support, whether blessed or flat, when it comes running, jogging, or even walking. That is why I suggest….

 Nike Victory Shape Sports Bra
The Nike Victory Shape Sports Bra. No more flat chest! It has actual cups that help you keep your shape and lift. It provides comfortable support for whether you're running a marathon or kicking it in Zumba.

My personal favorite: The Nike Pro Victory Compression.  I literally have the whole collection.
Nike Pro Victory Compression Sports Bra
Lucky for us, both styles can be bought in a rainbow of color options. Once you buy one color you're going to want them all. You have been warned.

When it comes to picking out a top I always prefer a V-neck. They are universally flattering and they feel more feminine even if you are sweating through them like Mike Tyson in a spelling bee. Also, you don't need an itsy bitsy tight top that shows off the muffin top that has you hitting the gym in the first place. I tend to go with loose fit tops like this one...

Nike Women's V-Neck Legend Fashion T-Shirt - Dick's Sporting Goods

 I recommend picking out a bright color! It really helps your mood, besides who doesn't look great in a nice bright color? The answer is no one!  

It starts getting a little more technical when picking out the type of bottom that is best for your workout.  I love the Nike Tempo shorts. They are a reasonable length and even have a pocket for your keys.

Nike Women's Tempo Track Running Shorts - Dick's Sporting Goods
If you are looking for a little more coverage I like to go with a fitted flare capri. It does not matter your size or build, you will love the smooth and flattering look of a fitted capri.

Nike Women's Dri-FIT Cotton Regular Fit Capri - Dick's Sporting Goods
I speak from experience when I recommend all of the apparel listed above, because I own all of the pieces.... in way too many colors. So when you have hit a plateau and cannot muster the energy to make it to the gym, swing by your local athletic apparel store and buy a new outfit. It will make all the difference.

Also, http://www.nike.com/ has plenty of cute outfits already assembled on their website to choose from if you need more suggestions. I actually can't wait to get my hands on this outfit...
Nike Women's Running Dress - Dick's Sporting GoodsNike Women's Dri-FIT Pro Training Sports Bra - Dick's Sporting Goods

                                          Nike Women's Free Run+ 3 Running Shoe - Dick's Sporting Goods
You can buy all of the pieces from this blog on http://www.nike.com/.



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