Favorites with My Favorites - Katie Rodgers from PAPERFASHION

I'm not sure how I first came across Katie Rodger's work, but I think it was featured on another blog or linked on Twitter. However it happened, I'm in love with PAPERFASHION! Katie is talented beyond words, and her work is easily recognizable. Read on to find out some of Katie's favorite things!

(Pictures from Paperfashion.net)

1. Who is your favorite artist/musician/band? Right now, Lana Del Rey. 

2. Where is your favorite place to visit?
I find something great about almost every place I go... but Mexico City was the most unique and inspiring place to me so far! 

3. What is your favorite food? 
I could NEVER chose a favorite food. I am one of those live to eat types of people! 

4. What is your favorite color? 
Well I'm not doing very well... I can hardly ever pick favorites with anything. Color... I'm an artist, and I love them all. 

5. What is your favorite movie? 
I really love the imagination in Finding Neverland and Moonrise Kingdom. 

6. What is your favorite store? 
The art supply store! 

7. What is your favorite beauty product? 
Stila illuminating tinted moisturizer. 

8. What is your favorite pastime or hobby? 

9. What is your favorite book or who is your favorite author? 
Currently reading "4 Hour Work Week" and find it completely inspiring. 

10. What is your favorite blog or website? 
I always find Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg's work to be inspiring: fromme-toyou.tumblr.com

Be sure to follow Katie on Twitter @paperfashion and visit her online store here - you'll be glad you did! Also, now available - iPhone cases! I'm totally dying over these and have to get one (at least) soon! Those can be found here!

Big thanks to Katie for being featured on Meet the Magnolias!!!!! Hope to meet you someday soon!



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