Throwback Tuesday: Let's Get Funky

I have to admit, I like rock music to keep my workouts/runs energized. Music is key to my workouts and really keeps me motivated, but lately I feel like the same songs keeps popping up on my iTunes shuffle. The same songs every workout make a long run very "blah", so this is what I did to help break up the monotony:

1. I scanned through my iTunes picking songs I knew I had not listened to in a long time. This is not hard since most people have huge iTunes list thanks to all the amazing ways to download music. Now do not get caught up in reminiscing with sappy love songs or country songs (unless by some unlikely chance that’s what pumps you up). Once I found a few that seemed to never pop up on shuffle, I put those songs in a separate playlist and synced the playlist to my iTunes.  

2. My second suggestion is take a trip down memory lane.  I was on iTunes and I thought of an old song by Destiny's Child that I thought would be a great addition to my running playlist, but that was like opening a Pandora’s box. I was such a sucker to the suggestions iTunes presented and ended up buying 5 Destiny Child's songs along with The Spice Girls, S Club 7, Dream, and many more that were huge hits back in the day! As much as I hate to admit my purchase of these old school preteen jams, they seriously amped up my workout! If Destiny’s Child’s “Independent Woman Part 1” doesn’t help you power through you’re next mile you might need a self evaluation.


3. I am not a huge rap fan, but there is just something about a rap/hip hop song that does wonders for a workout. Personally, I keep a few of the new popular songs on my workout playlist, but I love randomly adding the old stuff. I am talking about the stuff they played at your middle school and high school homecoming dances. I can hear it now.. “I put my hand upon your hip, when I dip you dip we dip...”  You can pretend you have forgotten this jam, but do yourself a favor and add it to your workout playlist.

If you still need a few ideas here is my personal current playlist:

1. Run the World (Girls): Beyonce
2. Tik Tok: Ke$ha
3. L.O.V.E.: Ashlee Simpson
4. Case of the Ex: May
5. Love Don't Cost A Thing: Jennifer Lopez
6. Independent Woman Part 1: Destiny's Child
7. Jumpin' Jumpin: Destiny's Child
8. Man I Feel Like a Woman: Shania Twain
9. No mORE (Baby I'ma Do Right): 3LW
10. Oops I Did It Again: Britney Spears
11. Ride With Me: Nelly
12. Right Thurr: Chingy
13. Stronger: Britney Spears
14. Summer Girls: LFO
15. Spice Up Your Life: Spice Girls

This is just a few. Once you get started you will not be able to stop.

Overall, if you loved it at your high school dances, it will probably pump up your workout. Have fun taking a trip down memory lane. You can thank me later!

XOXO Katelyn


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