God can even use a dachshund...

I know, I know. The title sounds silly. Maybe even farfetched. But seriously. It's a true statement. At least in my life!

In early May, I saw a post on Facebook by a girl I knew of because of church. (I say knew of because we hadn't ever spoken. I knew who she was, and I was familiar with her husband's amazing photography!) Jess needed someone to check on their dog over the weekend. Since I had lurked Jess and Robby's Facebook pages, I knew they had a dachshund and quickly volunteered! (What can I say?! Once you have a weenie dog, you are drawn and attached to the breed!)

Jess trusted me to look after their sweet pup that weekend. Once our schedules lined up, we made plans to hang out. Since then, we have gotten to know each other, done a summer Bible study, shared tv shows and meals, and are becoming dear friends.

All of that to say, Happy Birthday to Jess Followell!!! I hope your birthday is memorable and amazing. I hope 27 is your best year yet! I am so thankful that the Lord has placed you in my life. You, Robby, Meg, and Shaw are precious in my life. (Eden, too!) I greatly appreciate your beautiful heart and genuine spirit. Love you, birthday girl!

The Lord has taught and is showing me so much from Jess and her heart. I'm moved and inspired by the way she loves the Lord. Her character and spirit are amazing. (Really, y'all. Seriously.)

God can use anything - any situation or opportunity - for His purpose. So thankful that He always has my best interests at heart and knows exactly who and what my life will grow and benefit from!



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