Meet the Magnolias - Jessica - REMIX

Where do I even start? What do I even say? (I need this to come out the right way.) It needs to be simple. And true. And just...real. (Also really long, so get comfy. Stick with me.)

Two Sundays ago, the sermon at church was about idols.
Last week, I stumbled across the AMAZING accounts of lady bloggers who attended a Jesus lovin', blogging conference I had only heard of a few weeks prior (on this precious lady's blog).
This past Sunday, the sermon was about money. 
(I know I'm not making any sense. None of this stuff goes together. Except it does...Don't give up on me yet.)

When Meet the Magnolias started, I wanted to blog about everything I care about, my obsessions, and everything I make time to prioritize in my life.

Any and everything pop culture

I wanted to find fame and fortune (at least enough to work from home) in blogging. I wanted to be able to post amazing outfit posts and wow people with my great style. I wanted followers, fans, friends. I wanted to be able to love on people without offending anyone with what I believe.

But I wanted to leave out the most important part...God. (You know? The Creator and lover of my soul? The God who gave His only perfect Son to die for me? Yep. Him.) I wanted to keep that part of my life secret from all the people I'd hoped to impress. I didn't want to offend anyone. I didn't want to come across as fake or forced. I felt (feel) like I don't know enough. (But don't you see? The biggest problem is that I was keeping it all about me, me, me...)

See, in that sermon two weeks ago, the speaker said something along the lines of, "What you reach for reveals what you're rooted in." WOW. Well. That was a kick in the teeth. (I remember growing up, I used the term "role model" because I knew having an "idol" was wrong.) You can see/hear that sermon here. (It's actually about your marriage being an idol, but everything in the message is applicable to anything you idolize.) 

So, while I was letting that marinate, I randomly saw a post on my Bloglovin' feed by this amazing woman. (It's funny how I was already following her and her bff  - because their blogs were cute upon a random glance! But GOD can use things like that - cute layouts, pretty families and whatnot.) She rocked my Tuesday afternoon with her open and transparent spirit. I knew just who to share her story of hope with. (That felt amazing. Could it be? God using a blog to show me how to encourage someone?!) Jami's blog led me to the Influence Conference recap posts (which I finally finished reading today). HOLY COW. It's like someone (cough, GOD) really opened my eyes...

Y'all...Hayley and Jessi have a vision from the Lord when they started the Influence Conference. I saw so many Influence Conference recaps that said things like "I learned SO much," "I'll post more after I process what I heard," and I get it. I totally remember that feeling/thought from the times I went to Passion. I can totally empathize. I was blown away by the accounts of the women who got to go to Influence. It was like a major light bulb (we're talkin' flourescent) of realization and ideas.

There are SO many kind hearts who I have already reached out to. The ones I've already linked, as well as many others - these ladies are a community. EEEEK! Exciting. It's like my dream - to make friends online! (Speaking of, this momma is SO kind and amazing!)

So, all of that to say, things are changing. If it seems like I should post somewhere else, I can and will. Still feeling it out. I just believe that the reason I had blogger's block is because I have things to share that I was suppressing. I'm supposed to be coming at this whole blogging experience from a different angle. I need to use my influence to share the love of God rather than the materialism I've been clinging to. That's where I am now.  

My posts on this blog shouldn't be about me or seeking any sort of fame. This shouldn't be about hoping to attend conferences or making cool friends. This should be about Jesus and how He is blessing, transforming, and sustaining my life.

I get that I've jumped around all over the place. (I have self-diagnosed-but-not-self-medicated ADD.) Stick with me. Let's see where this all goes.

So much love,
Jessica Thornton (married!)

one of our wedding photos by Anna Goodson


  1. So proud of you! I love this post. Love. And love your heart more. :)


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