How to Stay Strict Without Being Strict

I am here to redeem myself. I apologize for my recent hiatus. Law school has been a very jealous mistress. So I plead for your forgiveness attached with a gift… a gift of a few healthy holiday tips! We are one week away from the day we all begin an unspoken end of all diet and exercise until we make our newest New Year’s fitness resolution. BUT it doesn’t have to be that way! I have complied a few tips and ideas to help you stay on track with your diet and exercise routine, while still enjoying your holiday favorites.

Portion control: Holiday gatherings always provide sooo many different dishes that we can’t wait to try, but that’s the key word… TRY!  If you know you can’t leave a holiday party without trying the pecan pie, the turkey dressing, and the candied yams, then just takes samples of all your favorites and I promise you will find yourself “guilt-free holiday full.” Taking samples lets you enjoy all your favorites without having to sacrifice.

Make your own dessert: When trying to stick to a diet, it always gets awkward about the time everyone around you is digging into dessert, while you watch and wish. This is terrible for diet survival and makes you very likely to give in and binge to catch up on what you’ve been missing.  But if you are serious about sticking to your diet, I suggest baking and taking your own healthy version of your favorite holiday food. This will help keep you on track, without having to restrict yourself. To help here is a link to healthy versions of some of the most famous holiday favorites, as provided by Cooking Light.

Peer Pressure: We all know how this goes, Aunt Rita insists in her loving, yet demanding voice that you “Don’t leave without trying my sweet potato casserole, darling dear.” Because everyone we know thinks they become Paula Dean reincarnated around the holidays, it can be hard to say no to family and friends at the risk of hurting their feelings. So this year, instead of forcing yourself to have a second plate of food just ask for a to-go-plate! Let them know you are way too full to enjoy the dish that you know will be too good to pass up. Then after you have had time to enjoy your to-go plate, call up Aunt Rita or whichever family member or friend and relay how much you enjoyed their famous dish. It’s even an extra excuse to catch with that family member or friend!

 A short workout is better than no workout:  All year long you have to prioritize and plan to squeeze in a workout. Well, the holiday season is no different.  Do not make a habit of skipping your workout or you run the risk of ruining all the progress you have worked so hard to achieve.  I will concede that he holidays are a hard time to loose weight, but I at least stay on track enough to maintain your current success.  So in honor of the upcoming Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and to help you out here is a link to a Victoria’s Secret workout video compliments of one of my favorite health websites FabSugar. This video along with a short cardio session is a great way to maintain. If nothing else, just seeing the VS angels in action is motivation. So without further adieu

They totally make it look worth it...



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