Thankful for...friends!

It's almost so stereotypical to write blog posts of thanksgiving the week of Thanksgiving that I thought of fighting the urge. Rather than that, I'll share some of the numerous things I'm thankful for, this week and every week!

Today, I'm telling you that I'm thankful for my friends.

Y'all, when I tell you this, it isn't to brag. (Well, not the main reason! Hahahah.) I can (and will) boast in God's above-and-beyond-amazing blessings in my life. I have friends in my life that are greater than anything my mind could ever have imagined - which is saying something since I have quite an imagination!

It means a lot - A LOT - to have people who I can relate to, count on, love, be transparent with, be inspired by...

I can keep going...

I have some talented friends. Srsly. Seriouslyyyyy talented.

2 nurse best friends
a yoga master best
a law student best
a graphic-designing, teaching best
2 other teaching bests
one phenomenal momma/photography (fotography) studio managing best

Again, I won't keep on, but I could. Easily. It's plain to see how I could be inspired with such bold and hard-working, God-fearing girls in my life. THANKFUL. 
(Also, there had to be a cut off - else I'd list so many people that nobody would still be reading...If you don't see yourself on the list, holler at your girl. I'll be glad to tell you plenty of things I treasure about YOU!)

I know not everyone has friendships in their lives like I do. It makes me appreciate them even more. I really try not to take these friends/friendships for granted.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for blessing me so immensely with these precious hearts. So glad You don't give us what we deserve.



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