Christmas Quality Time

When talking with my best friend of 19+ years (Paige), we decided that we should just spend quality time with our college roomies (and bests), Karson and Laura, rather than exchanging gifts.

I saw the best idea on 5ohwifey's blog last week! Y'all check her blog out at - she's awesome! The idea was called Talk Around Cake. You just bake a cake and eat it out of the pan, while sharing your heart.

Thursday night, Paige, Laura, and Karson came over. We had pizza and watched Vampire Diaries. We baked the cake together and laughed. A lot. We ate the cake and really shared our hearts. It helps to y'all about Jesus with people that you trust. He is doing big things with us, even if we aren't sure what they are yet.

Thankful for one of the best Christmas memories ever.


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