New Year's Resolution (Big Kid Version)


      Normally I keep my New Year’s Resolutions to myself, but this year I have decided to share in order to submit myself to a sense of accountability. I think it’s time I start making age appropriate resolutions. I am on the cliff of being a big kid, therefore it is time that my resolutions reflect that as well as the things I place an importance on in my life.  So this year instead of get fake boobs, marry Ian Somerhalder, and loose 50 pounds I have decided to take my New Year’s resolutions a little more serious and let’s be honest attainable.
            In the past, I have developed a “hands off” approach to communication. I have remained adamant about this rule for various reasons like…..people stink, they carry germs, and it can be awkward. BUT I have decided to withdrawal this approach for year 2013. 1. I will accept and give hugs. But let’s not get crazy.  I have just learned at my inability to show affection has at times been a barrier. 1(a). I will not treat affection like a top-secret code. To me affection has been a competitive game of who can care the least, but that will only end in a life as a lonely cat lady so I must change my ways.  This probably means I should quit dumping guys when the “L” word becomes a probable situation. Umm.. and maybe quit referring to it as the “L” word and “a situation.” All in good time my friends. Rome wasn’t built in a day.
      Year after year, day after day, I hit the gym or the pavement with no real goal for my physical fitness. And do you know what that means? No real change. So in 2013, 2. I will reach my goal weight and strength level. This means making a life style change, but will not bore you with the details.
      I love runway fashion. I love big city fashion. I don’t love how it does not translate to everyday life in Mississippi. Well, this year I am going to change that. In 2013,  3. I will not play it fashionably safe. This means mixing and matching prints, colors, and fabrics.  
      E-mail, text, and social media have almost exiled hand written letters, but I love to receive letters in the mail! Plus, nothing is more personal than a hand written thank you note, even for the little things. This gesture can make all the difference in leaving a lasting impression in the business world. So in 2013, 4. I will write more thank you notes. This is simple and attainable so I have no excuses.
      I have to admit being locked in a library all day, studying about heinous crimes, and being utterly and absolutely confused does not do well for my for my attitude. Also, while confidence is a desirable characteristic, sometimes in the midst of all my confidence I forget how imperfect I am and that the same goes for others. Therefore, 2013 demands that 5. I strive to be more humble AND 6. I stop passing judgment on the innocent. A bad or judgmental attitude is so contagious and law school is a breeding ground/advocate for this useless use of conversation. I must resolve to acknowledge my own flaws before I point out someone else’s. Remember: What I say about Suzy says more about me than it does about Suzy.
xoxo Kate


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