Not your typical "Wallet, Watch, or Cologne" Shopping List

           December 22 is the busiest shopping day of the Christmas season. Therefore, I can only assume that many of you have fallen victim to procrastination. Do not worry; you will receive no condescending judgment from this blogger. I am just as guilty, so I have put together a few posts designed to hopefully help you narrow down a few choice gifts or at least get your own creative juices flowing.
            I have decided to reveal the “boy toys” first, because lets face it— it doesn’t matter if you have been dating your special fella for 1 month or 1 lifetime, it is hard to find the perfect gift in the perfect price range. So I have divided up my ideas into "type categories." These are just a few ideas to help you get started (or maybe finish). 

The Professional

This USB cup warmer is perfect for keeping your favorite professional's coffee warm without slowing them down in the office. It goes for a great price at
If you want to make sure you're man if never late for meeting (cough, cough or dinner reservations) this Michael Kors watch ($650) is great and can be found at
No professional's wardrobe is complete without the small essentials and that includes cuff links like this pair from Tiffany & Co. This pair is very functional.

If your professional is just starting out at the bottom of the totem pole, then here is a book to remind him that it could be worse so just keep striving for success.

The Athlete
Help your athlete say on track with the newest from Nike. He will even be able to keep up his competitive side by challenging other athletes and training with professionals.

Every athlete needs a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre to survive the long road trips and get amped up for game time.

The Gamer
The contraption allows your gamer to play his favorite arcade games on his iPhone.

So your gamer is too good? Then don't buy him a game when you can buy him unlimited access to all the games.  Get a subscription at

The Prep

This year thighs are "in" and no one pulls them off better than a fraternity prep star. I love these.
Don't be his grandmother. Get you guy a sporty shirt that he will actually wear. I recommend this shirt or basically any shirt off

The Southern Gentleman
This is a go to gift if you're in this price range. The fancy part on the leg is called the "business."  And if it was up to me,  I would just pick the pair with the prettiest "business," but that will not be enough. You need to know the toe and heel type your gentleman prefers. Luckily can help you out. 

If he loves his "medicine" then stick this in this stocking. 
To help you gentleman keep his reputation,  give this "Forgetful Gentleman" Letter set.

The Movie Critic
This trilogy speaks for itself.

Retro popcorn maker to help create the theater experience. 

If your budget will allow it, go all-in and create the home theater yourself. These can get pricey but I there plenty of sale prices available. Don't forget the screen!

The Handy Man

If your "handy man" has no use for a complicated tool set then this GMA  6-in-1 set is just perfect.

Yes, most men describe them as handle. So let them continue their  "front" with this book of tips.
The Gadget Guy

The iPad Mini. You never go wrong with Apple.

Make sure he never runs of out battery with this  on the go battery charger set.

I realize that a lot of these gifts are interchangeable, but I hope this gets you started in the right direction.  At the end of the day, going creative is much more memorable than a gift off the top lists. But please keep in mind if you have been dating one week, a mini iPad might be a little much and vice versa. Be reasonable. 

xoxo Katelyn 


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